F1 will test ‘100% sustainable’ fuel in 2021 races


On Thursday (17), the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced several carbon reduction targets for the next decade, including the use of “100% sustainable” fuel in F1. The substance, made from organic waste, was developed by the entity, meets all the requirements of the sport and is already in the testing phase.

With the measures, the FIA ​​hopes to achieve neutrality in carbon emissions in 2021, becoming totally free of them in 2030. In addition, the initiative also seeks to demonstrate the efficiency of sustainable fuel, encouraging its use in other grand prix – as they are called the big auto racing events.

To reinforce the commitment, the FIA ​​will require the use of sustainable fuels in 2026, when a new chain-link architecture – also called a powertrain – is adopted. The organization also expects F1 suppliers to develop their own sustainable fuel solutions, encouraging their research by sending the first existing barrels of the substance for team testing.

FIA President Jean Todt comments on the initiative: “The FIA ​​takes on the responsibility of leading motor sport and mobility towards a low-carbon future to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and contribute to a greener planet.”


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