F1 Manager 2022: the best teams for beginners


Thanks to F1 Manager 2022, Formula 1 fans don’t just take on the role of pilots and race to victory. Rather, F1 Manager 2022 gives players a new perspective on the Formula 1 franchise, giving them full control over the entire team. It’s not just choosing drivers and upgrading their machines. Instead, the game gives players full control over the smallest updates, the most specific training plans, and even the contracts of all members of the training staff. In turn, any decision that the players make can greatly affect the team’s game.

However, this does not mean that everything falls on the shoulders of the player. Newcomers to the game can find solace in the fact that some F1 Manager 2022 teams really make it easier for newcomers to maneuver around the title. However, which teams in F1 Manager 2022 are best suited for beginners in a racing simulator?

10 Alfa Romeo

Rating: 2.2/5

Season goal/long-term goal: 5th place, podium contender

Initial Balance: Low

Car performance / Driver performance: 4th, 6th place

Staff productivity/Headquarters quality: 7th, 9th place

Players looking for a challenge for their F1 Manager 2022 experience should look no further than Alfa Romeo as they begin their 2022 campaign in a rather difficult situation. Although the team starts with a decent enough car to earn stable achievements, the odds are still stacked against Alfa Romeo in terms of statistics.

Firstly, their headquarters and budget are by no means large, which limits the research and training capabilities of the team. Not only that, but balancing car development with driver training can certainly force players to make tough decisions during the season.

9 Williams

Rating: 2.3/5

Seasonal/Long-term goal: 9th place, points contender

Initial Balance: Low

Car performance / Driver performance: 10th, 9th place

Staff productivity/quality HQ: 9th, 7th place

Despite being stuck in a rut in recent years, Williams is by no means a trifle in the F1 Manager 2022 experience. Because George Russell is a capable racer, Williams has managed to turn difficult situations into favorable chances in an amazing way. However, players will have to overcome difficulties to help Williams reach its full potential.

Firstly, the riders Latifi and Albon are at the bottom of the rating spectrum, which means that players may eventually have to replace them with new talents. Secondly, driving a new driver may contradict the need to drive cars to overcome competition.

8 Haas

Rating: 2.1/5

Goal of the season/long-term goal: 6th place, candidate for the podium

Initial Balance: Low

Car performance / Driver performance: 6th, 10th place

Staff productivity/Headquarters quality: 5th, 10th place

Players who need a realistic F1 Manager 2022 experience in the same vein as Williams, but with a more manageable team, can do it with Haas. Compared to the rather lackluster car of the former, Haas has a decent car that can earn points with the right approach to systematic updates. Moreover, their drivers have averaged statistics that can easily overcome lower stairs if they use the right strategy.

In fact, starting with Haas gives players another challenging experience, especially to finish 6th this season. However, their outsider approach makes Haas an attractive team to start with.

7 Alpha Taurus

Rating: 2.5/5

Season goal/long-term goal: 6th place, podium contender

Initial balance: Average

Car performance / Driver performance: 5th, 8th place

Staff productivity/Headquarters quality: 8th, 6th place

Players who like F1 Manager 2022 can fully explore the full depth of the game development and update system with Alpha Tauri. Alpha Tauri clearly lacks something really “phenomenal” compared to other teams, as they start with a fairly average build car, decent F1 Manager 2022 racers and a so-so budget.

However, players can look at this as a fairly fresh plan that will rely entirely on them to make a difference. Given their limited budget, players need to more closely monitor the balance of driver training (or even substitutions) with the development of cars and make full use of other strategic components of the game during matches.

6 McLaren

Rating: 3.8/5

Seasonal/Long-term goal: 4th place among designers.

Initial balance: Average

Car performance / Driver performance: 7th, 5th place

Staff productivity/Headquarters quality: 6th, 4th place

From the point of view of the teams participating in F1 Manager 2022, McLaren is probably a pretty decent option for passing a difficult race without any special restrictions. Although the team starts with a rather slow car, this gives the players ample opportunity to experiment with the various builds of F1 Manager 2022 cars that they want to use during the season.


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