F1 2021, Video Analysis: The Greatest Motor Show, In Motion


F1 2021 has already passed through our hands. This year’s installment of the official Formula 1 video game returns in a special way. It will be the first edition to coincide with the presence in the market of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, versions that will accompany those already known on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you prefer, you can read the analysis in text through this link.

The most faithful recreation of F1

In the video analysis that heads the article, you can see our final impressions along with the video capture, made based on the PS5 version. Among the novelties of this year is the addition of Braking Point, the first complete story mode in the history of the saga. The mode will immerse us in the two points of view of a rivalry between teammates.

Watch our video analysis in the video that leads this article

Among the rest of the sections, the possibility of playing the Professional Career mode with a friend stands out, either in local mode or through the internet. This route is in addition to the improvements in the quality of life that are introduced in the R&D tree and in free training sessions. Few risks are taken in a game that follows the excellent line built last year.

There isn’t much left for you to try it out for yourself. F1 2021 is scheduled to launch on July 16 on the aforementioned platforms; 3 days before, on July 13, it will do so for those who have reserved the Deluxe Edition on the PS Store, Microsoft Store or Steam. In the links at the top you will find all the information about its editions, contents and its latest trailers.


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