F1 2021 reveals the scores of all the drivers: Alonso


F1 2021: Codemasters reveals the full list of F1 2021 grid scores. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen top the list. Alonso, with 89 on average. F1 2021 is just a few days away from landing on the market. The first installment of Codemasters under the Electronic Arts label will debut on July 16. Meanwhile, the British team confirms the official scores for this season’s full grid.

The throne is disputed by the two roosters on the grill. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen take their rivalry to the point: both have 95 points of general valuation. They are followed by names like Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo, respectively. The best Spanish is Fernando Alonso. With an average of 89 and 99 in experience, the Asturian is still in top form. Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, maintains his overall average at 87.

F1 2021 grid scores drivers Fernando Alonso Carlos Sainz Hamilton Verstappen
We leave you with the complete list below.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Lewis hamilton

Experience: 92
Ability: 94
Reflexes: 89
Rhythm: 98
Overall: 95
Valtteri Bottas

Experience: 75
Ability: 89
Reflexes: 99
Rhythm: 92
Overall: 92
Red bull
Max verstappen

Experience: 69
Ability: 96
Reflexes: 96
Rhythm: 97
Overall: 95
Sergio perez

Experience: 81
Ability: 92
Reflexes: 84
Rhythm: 87
Overall: 87
Lando norris

Experience: 60
Ability: 96
Reflexes: 99
Rhythm: 89
Overall: 91
Daniel Ricciardo

Experience: 80
Ability: 94
Reflexes: 91
Rhythm: 88
Overall: 90
Aston martin
Sebastian vettel

Experience: 91
Ability: 93
Reflexes: 87
Rhythm: 88
Overall: 89
Lance Stroll

Experience: 62
Ability: 93
Reflexes: 82
Rhythm: 82
Overall: 83


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