F1 2021 preview: first impressions of Breaking Point


F1 2021: We shot on the first tracks available in the F1 2021 story mode, Braking Point.
F1 2021 is just around the corner. The engines warm up to kick off on July 16. Meanwhile, at MeriStation we have been able to shoot through the first chapters of Braking Point. The first story mode of the Codemasters saga will introduce us to the other side of the competition. While the usual thing is to know what happens on the track, in the motorhome other stories are cooked that can have an effect at the wheel.

There are still a few days to show you in detail what we thought about this year’s delivery. Until the analysis, here we leave you with the sensations that Braking Point transmits as soon as we start.

First sensations with Braking Point

Braking Point is the star of the novelties of F1 2021. This story mode will put us in front of key situations that occur to the rhythm of the script. There are some differences with respect to the information that we learned in your presentation. During the event we knew that it would be divided into three arcs, spanning three seasons between the 2019 F2 and the subsequent F1 climb. In practice, the entire section of Formula 2 is completed in the prologue, in a single chapter. In just over 15 minutes you will be in charge of the team you have selected.

You can choose between five seats: Williams, Hass, Alfa Romeo, Alpha Tauri and Racing Point. Why Racing Point and not Aston Martin? Because the second arc (counting the first as that race in F2) occurs during the 2020 season. Once we make the jump to 2021 we will see the team wear emerald green.


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