F1 2021 Gets Launch Trailer Highlighting Story and Visuals


Just days before the launch of the F1 2021 game, the developer Codemasters released today (9) a new trailer for the game. Check out the unpublished material, highlighting the pilot Casper Akkerman, one of the stars of Braking Point mode (or Braking Point, in good Portuguese):

In the F1 2021 plot, Casper Akkerman will play a veteran driver and teammate of Aiden Jackson, the young protagonist of the story. He seems to be a former star in the division, but he is now going through a process of decay and is preparing to pass the baton on to the new generation of talent.

In addition to this narrative-focused mode, F1 2021 will also offer cooperative play, including career mode for up to two players! It will be possible to control and compare the performance of the main drivers of both F1 and F2 in what promises to be the most complete simulator ever made for video games.

Let’s see how Codemasters fares in its first game published by EA, which bought the studio and ended up leading to the departure of veterans and a change of command. The title arrives on July 13th on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Are you looking forward to it? Comment below!


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