F-Zero GX maker wants to create a game for Switch


In an interview with Redbull, Toshihiro Nagoshi, who worked as a producer on F-Zero GX (released for GameCube in 2003), revealed that he would love to act again on something involving the series.

“If the opportunity arose, I would not object (to work on a new F-Zero). In this case, I would like to create a challenging game. I assume that if Nintendo is only interested in fun and accessible racing games, it already has Mario Kart for that ”, said the producer.

Remember that the racing franchise hasn’t won a new game in a few years. The closest fans of the series have contact with it is related to the Super Smash Bros. franchise. (where some other forgotten ones are also represented, such as Mother / EarthBound and Ice Climber, just to name a few examples).


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