F.HERO, MILLI dan Changbin Stray Kids Tampil Savage Dalam MV ‘Mirror Mirror’


Changbin, who is a member of the boy group Stray Kids, presented a cool appearance in the song from F.HERO x MILLI entitled ‘Mirror Mirror‘.


Through High Cloud Entertainment’s Youtube channel, two rappers from Thailand, F.HERO and MILLI have released the MV ‘Mirror Mirror‘ today, October 28, 2021.

Through the MV, F.HERO, MILLI and Changbin Stray Kids presented a series of slick and fierce raps from the three.

Changbin Stray Kids‘ collaboration with F.HERO and MILLI received a standing ovation from STAY (Stray Kids fans) who popularized the hashtags #MirrorMirror_MV, #FHEROxMILLIxChangbin and ‘MIRROR MIRROR MV OUT NOW’ on Twitter.

Let’s watch rock performances from F.HERO, MILLI and Stray KidsChangbin through the ‘Mirror MirrorMV below!


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