Ezra Miller Will Probably No Longer Play Flash in Future DC Movies


The CEO of Warner Bros. David Zaslav’s Discovery has a lot to do, and it looks like cutting out “Flash” star Ezra Miller may be at the top of his to-do list after new reports suggest the actor may be shown the door after their solo DC. the film will be released next year, given Miller’s share of legal troubles lately.

For most of the past three months, “Flash” star Miller has been embroiled in all sorts of trouble, running away from an alleged assault incident that resulted in them receiving a restraining order. More recently, Miller has faced some very disturbing accusations of self-care, which they have mysteriously chosen to fight back with memes. To make matters worse, the Flash star has been missing since the latest indictment, leaving the courts stunned as to where to find them to serve them for ongoing trials.

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Now, according to Deadline reports, due to Miller’s constantly problematic behavior, the studio and Zaslav are strongly inclined to dismiss the actor after they decided what to do with their valuable $200 million blockbuster “Flash”. As indicated, sources say that Warner Bros. considers all options, ranging from reducing promotional tours for “Flash” to a minimum or turning it into an exclusive for streaming HBO Max. Another option is to just hope for the most successful release in June 2023, since it was found that the reshooting of the Flash is impossible at this stage.

Regardless of which scenario plays out, it is believed that Warner Bros. has made a decision, and even the fact that Miller will stay away from new controversies is unlikely to affect the studio’s decision. Part of Zaslav’s reasoning is the fact that the CEO has openly stated his desire to continue working on DC films in order to turn them into something more similar to his own Marvel universe, which will require a remake of Miller’s role. It is reported that Warner Bros. I tried to find help for Miller, whose share of legal problems and violent incidents dates back to 2020.

There are rumors that Flash is exactly the reboot that DCEU needs right now. The source material of the hero gives Barry Allen enough reasons to move into a universe where new versions of Superman and Batman can replace the departed Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

After the huge success of “Batman” and with all the expectations of a “Joker” sequel, the question remains whether the DCEU should exist at all or not. However, this will not stop Warner Bros. from trying, even if it means that Miller and their exorbitant amount of luggage will be left behind.

The release of “Flash” is scheduled for June 23, 2023.