Ezra Miller is accused of attacking a fan


A joke or a violent attitude?

Social isolation continues in various parts of the world due to the coronavirus, but some take the time to take to the streets and … meet their favorite celebs.

In networks, a video circulates that involves the actor Ezra Miller and has unleashed criticism and memes, we tell you what it is about.

On Twitter, a video of Ezra was shared with a fan. They were both on the street and apparently she asks or says something, but the actor takes her by the neck and shortly afterwards collapses her on the ground.

It is not known if the attack is real or a performance, but the person who was recording says several times: “Hey, bro, bro …” and stops recording.

Some users have expressed disappointment at Ezra’s conduct . Others believe it was a performance and have made memes about it. The actor and the fan have not made statements about it. It is not known if the video is current, but from what is seen in the images, his behavior may have gotten out of control.


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