Ezio and Assassin’s Creed join AFK Arena


Ubisoft’s legendary killer will be available for free in Lilith Games’ RPG for iOS and Android, which has already been downloaded 40 million times.

Our beloved Ezio Auditore da Firenze, protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations, is the latest guest star of AFK Arena, the famous fantasy RPG for iOS and Android. Ubisoft and Lilith Games have announced this collaboration through the live action trailer that you can see on these lines. In it, and after the corresponding leap of faith, some of the character’s abilities are shown, such as eagle vision and the possibility of using smoke bombs. Ezio will be available for free, but we will only be able to get hold of him for the next 7 days, so be quick if you want to distribute “Requiescat in pace” on your mobiles.

AFK Arena, Lilith Games’ latest hit

It is not the first time that we have seen Ubisoft and Lilith Games make pineapple. The developer, founded in 2013, debuted in the world of video games with Soul Hunters (from 2015), where Ezio and Assassin’s Creed also made an appearance. Since then the company has become the third-largest video game studio in China, at least at the overseas revenue level. A position that they have carved out from success to success, with releases like Rise of Kingdoms, Art of Conquest or Abi: A Robot’s Tale.

AFK Arena is your last bet, an RPG set in the world of Esperia, which we can go through at will through various game modes. Our goal is to get the best possible equipment in order to become strong enough to confront all the threats that are endangering the peace of the region. To achieve this we will have to travel their world in search of missions, materials and letters. Launched in summer 2018, Lilith Games’ work has not needed more time to exceed 40 million downloads on iOS and Android. Almost nothing.

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