Eyes On These 30 Altcoins: They’re Exploding Social Media!


CryptoDiffer, which offers various analyzes related to cryptocurrencies, shared the best performing altcoin projects according to community growth on three important social media platforms as of January 26.

30 altcoin projects

CryptoDiffer first highlights the ranking of coins based on community growth on Twitter, the most popular social media platform. In this ranking, BNB is in the first place and has seen an increase of 134843. In second place is Coinbase, with an increase of 74401. It is followed by BTC with an increase of 68 thousand. The fourth altcoin is Dogelon Mars and the increase is 68 thousand again. BABYDOGE is fifth (59k), SHIB is sixth (55k) and CRO (51k) is seventh. 1INCH is eighth, with an increase of 50,000, SOL ninth (44k) and FCON tenth (41k).

The ranking and community growth figures on Discord are as follows: FCON is at the top of the list, the increase is 27 thousand. SLP is in second place, with an increase of 25 thousand. It is followed by AXS with an increase of 24 thousand. BCOIN is in fourth place with an increase of 20,000. ASTR in fifth place with an increase of 16 thousand. SIDUS is in sixth place with an increase of 16 thousand. The seventh coin is ILV with an increase of 8,000. MGOD is in the ninth place with 8 thousand and GARI is in the last place with an increase of 7 thousand. The ranking and increase figures in Telegram are as follows: First ASPO (22 thousand). Second MINE (21 thousand). Third AME (20 thousand). Fourth GGG (16 thousand). The fifth coin is RSR (14 thousand). Sixth HBB (14 thousand). Seventh LEOS (9 thousand). Eighth WOOP (8 thousand). Ninth GARI (6 thousand). In the last place is EVAI (6 thousand).