Eyes on Cardano and These 7 Altcoins: Binance List and More…


KILT Protocol announced the launch of DIDsign. The number of Cardano network transactions increased to 140,000 as the number of on-chain projects increased. Polygon expands its ecosystem with the integration of DataMynt. Parallel Finance has launched the DeFi ‘Super App’ for the Polkadot ecosystem. And more. We have compiled the important developments regarding Cardano and 7 altcoin projects for Kriptokoin.com readers.

News from KILT, Cardano, FTM, MATIC, ETH, DOGE, PARA and APE

KILT Protocol announces the launch of DIDsign

KILT Protocol has announced the release of DIDsign, a decentralized way to sign and verify files privately and securely. DIDsign is an application designed to make online services more convenient and secure in the next internet generation, Web3.

DIDsign allows you to sign any digital file (PDF, audio, video, software) directly in your browser using a unique decentralized identifier (DID). You can download your signed file (or group of files) to your device as a signed zip file and send it to anyone you want using the method you prefer (e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.).

Phantom sees 4,200% growth in smart contract deployment

Fantom (FTM), a Layer-1 Blockchain platform powering decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, is reporting a 4,200% increase in smart contract deployment since February 2021. It states that the number of verified contracts distributed has increased from 111 registered in February 2021 to 4,677. In February of this year, it represents a 42-fold increase.

Cardano network transaction count reaches 140,000 as the number of on-chain projects increases

The number of transactions on the Cardano network rose to 140,000 with the release of another major DeFi project on the network. Experts assess that the increase in the number of transactions is most likely linked to the launch of the Minswap DeFi platform, which has already surpassed the SundaeSwap DEX in terms of the total value locked in the contract. After publication, TVL on the network reached $221, which was certainly followed by an increasing number of transactions on the network.

Polygon expands ecosystem amid DataMynt integration

Tier 2 scaling platform Polygon has announced the latest integration into its ecosystem as it continues to expand. In a recent release, DataMynt, a cryptocurrency payment solution, can soon be integrated with the Polygon full-stack scaling solution with partners, merchants and retailers. DataMynt will likewise support Polygon’s extensive network and user base, as outlined in the release.

In late January, Polygon announced that it had reached the adoption milestone with over 7,000 decentralized applications (dApps) running on the network. The exponential growth of new applications in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) has caused congestion and spikes on the Ethereum mainnet. Most of the event went to Polygon to take advantage of the low fees.

DOGE held by Robinhood reaches $4.9 billion

According to a recent tweet by DogeWhaleAlert account, Robinhood crypto exchange is holding about $5 billion worth of Dogecoin on behalf of its investors. Meanwhile, a staggering $34 million of DOGE has been transferred between anonymous wallets recently. Robinhood currently owns 31.7% of circulating Dogecoins. The tweet also states that the company uses two wallets with eight addresses to store Dogecoin.

8.3% of Ethereum supply is now out of circulation

According to IntoTheBlock reports, more than 10 million ETH has already come out of the circulating market supply as the leading altcoin project’s staking feature is getting more and more popular with each passing day. Eight-figure ETH is now invested in the contract, which ensures a stable income with a certain amount of ETH locked for a minimum period of three months. As Coinbase previously reported to its users, the APY will increase from 5% to 12% following full migration to a Proof of Stake (PoS) network.

Parallel Finance launches DeFi ‘Super App’ for Polkadot ecosystem

Polkadot-based lending protocol Parallel Finance strives to be a one-stop shop for all corners of decentralized finance (DeFi). That effort was fueled by the first launch of six products spanning the DeFi range on Friday. From wallets to staking, from crowdsourcing to cross-chain bridges, an automated market maker, bootstrapping and crop farming.

Binance adds APE/EUR, APE/GBP and APE/TRY trading pairs

According to the statement made by Binance, trading will start at 10:00 AM (UTC) on 19.03.2022 for APE/EUR, APE/GBP and APE/TRY trading pairs.