Exynos with AMD GPU goes through benchmark


Expected to arrive still in 2021 on the Samsung smartphone line, the upcoming generation of Exynos chipsets with AMD GPU has been generating some curiosity and anxiety to see how the implementation of the novelty will be, which promises to increase the firepower of South Korean devices. in games.

With the appearance of rumors pointing to the arrival of this new generation of chipset in the second half of this year, the first leaks related to the benchmark tests of the new generation of chipsets are now appearing, thus giving a preview of what to expect.

In this first leak, the application used to check the performance of the new GPU was GFXBench, an application focused on graphical API analysis that stresses the hardware to check limits and capabilities in specific situations and apparently, the new competitor did not come to play in service .

Compared directly with its main competitor (the Apple A14 Bionic), the Exynos with GPU AMD performed well, achieving superior results in the three rounds proposed (Manhattan 3.1 and Aztec Ruins in normal and high), as can be seen below.

Check out the results obtained in the test performed on the GFXBench of the Apple A14 Bionic and Exynos with AMD GPU:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro / A14 Bionic:
Manhattan 3.1 = 120 fps.
Aztec ruins (normal) = 79.9 fps.
Aztec ruins (high) = 30 fps.
Exynos with AMD GPU:
Manhattan 3.1 = 181.8 fps.
Aztec ruins (normal) = 138.25 fps.
Aztec ruins (high) = 58 fps.

Obviously, these previews are still more pointed out as a rumor than something final (it may be different from what we will see in the final result for better or worse) but it is an interesting preview of what we can see in the market soon.

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In addition, it will also be interesting to see what your results will be when compared to the next generation of chipsets from Qualcomm and Apple, which will only be possible in the middle of next year.


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