Exynos vs Snapdragon: Galaxy S21 Ultra lost to S20 Ultra


Samsung announced the new Galaxy S21 series last week during CES 2021 with the new Exynos 2100 which has a great responsibility to repair the bad reputation of the previous generation chip, which presented several performance problems due to overheating. However a comparison between the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the S20 ultra presented today shows that the problem seems to persist in this generation.

The benchmarks were presented and executed by the AndroidNext website, which already has a Galaxy S21 Ultra unit with the Exynos 2100 in hand. The Galaxy S21 Ultra won in the first tests as you can see in the scores below in 3DMark’s Geekbench and Wild Life.

However, when measuring the temperature of both cell phones with a thermal camera the problem becomes evident: the Galaxy S21 Ultra with Exynos 2100 heats up more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra with Snapdragon 865, which remained almost 6ºC colder at 33.2ºC, while the successor reached 38.8º.

And unfortunately the problem of overheating seems to be present again, after all the score of the Galaxy S21 Ultra was lower in the Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1, showing that the Exynos 2100 really lags behind when it warms up much more than the Snapdragon 865. The scores were : 6980 for the S20 Ultra and 6433 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Also note, in the second image, how the temperature of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is up to 5ºC higher than that of the S20 Ultra when detailing the maximum and minimum values ​​of the test, which were 32ºC and 35ºC for the S20 and 34ºC and 40ºC for the S21 Ultra.

Detailing a little more, we see that the Wild Life Stress Test shows that temperature is really the problem, showing that the Exynos suffers from performance drops at each maximum use loop, check the chart below where the score starts with 4293 points in the loop 1 and drops to 3641 at 4 and at the end of the graph there is a very significant drop to 2376 points, showing what was called “unstable performance” by the website.


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