Extreme Temperature Test Proving the Durability of Ulefone Armor X7 (Video)


Ulefone’s Armor series smartphones have always been known for their durability and good performance. Armor X7’s resistance to cold was tested a bit exaggerated.

Not every smartphone is suitable for every environment. Your device that you have given thousands of liras; it may not be able to handle every drop, it may not be protected against dust or water. The reason for coming out of phone cases and screen protectors is to reduce this sensitivity.

The most important feature of some models of some companies is that they can resist tough conditions. One of them is Ulefone’s Armor series smartphones. The test for Armor X7, a member of the series, proved that Armor devices have strength and durability.

Phone that does not care about temperature changes:
The test video published on the official Ulefone channel of Armor X7 also revealed how durable the phone is. In the test, the phone faced quite difficult and different conditions. The phone, which was first introduced into boiling water, continued to work as if nothing had happened out of the water, of course, “How would it end if it had been burned with 5,000 matches?” We are not curious about the answer to the question. Then Armor X7 was immersed in water and this water was frozen. The phone, which was removed from the ice with a hammer, still worked.

The fact that the water can withstand boiling and freezing shows that the phone is quite successful in this regard. Especially Armor X7 has proved to be a good alternative for those who are looking for a durable phone.

Armor X7 features:
This phone is a device designed to be durable and its features are of course not a flagship level. On the other hand, it is clear that the device has a very adequate and balanced configuration for the beginner level.

The phone has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The phone, which has a 4-core processor, has an Android 10 operating system. In terms of camera, we see the 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front camera, which have now become almost the standard of the segment. In terms of additional features, the phone is quite powerful and one step ahead of its class. The phone with the NFC chip, face recognition lock and fingerprint reading feature is sold for $ 109 on the company’s official site. Let us note that this price is translated at the current exchange rate and taxes are not included.

Here is the extreme temperature test applied to Armor X7:


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