Extraordinary Measures Taken by Some Countries Against Coronavirus


All countries are trying to take precautions against coronavirus, which is effective in more than 200 countries. The measures taken by some countries against the epidemic can be described as extraordinary.

The coronavirus pandemic has now caused more than 800,000 people to get sick in more than 200 countries. As the number of cases continues to increase day by day, various measures are taken to prevent the epidemic. In some countries, strict measures such as curfew are being taken, while in some countries even the talk of the epidemic is prohibited.

In this news, we consider the countries and their practices that have taken extraordinary measures against coronavirus. Unusual coronavirus measures include methods such as giving women curfews from posters that humiliate women.

Colombia: Curfew by ID numbers
An interesting curfew is imposed in some of Colombia’s towns. People can go out on the days determined according to the last digits of the ID numbers. For example, in Barrancabermeja district, people whose ID numbers end with 0, 7 and 4 can go out on Monday, while people ending with 1, 8 and 5 can go out on Tuesday.

Serbia: Dogs go for an hour a day
Following the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the Serbian administration has announced that dogs can only go for walks between 20:00 and 21:00. The decision was taken back after people reacted.

Sweden: Schools still not closed
Sweden, whose number of coronavirus cases approached 5,000, has not yet taken major measures. The country administration believes that its citizens will behave correctly, without declaring quarantine. Schools in which children under the age of 16 go to Sweden are not holidayed.

Belarus: No need for social distance
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko had recently been on the agenda because he ignored social distance measures. Lukashenko says he is not considering taking social distance measures “because he doesn’t see the virus flying around”. The president announced that drinking vodka and going to the sauna will protect it from the virus.

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Austria: wearing a mask is mandatory in supermarkets
The World Health Organization announced that people who are not interested in sick people do not need to wear a mask. Despite WHO’s explanation, some countries made it necessary to wear a mask. Austria is among the countries where mask is obligatory.

In Austria, wearing a mask has been made compulsory in super markets. In addition to the mandatory application in the markets, there is no obligation to wear a mask in other areas.

Panama: Women and men can go out at different times
Panama signed one of the most interesting measures against coronavirus. As of Wednesday, women and men can go out in the country at different times. In the application that can go out for two time zones, different times were defined for women and men. On Sunday, all the people are forbidden to go out on the streets.

Malaysia: coronavirus poster degrading women
A banner broadcasted by the Malaysian administration, which took isolation measures against coronavirus, received great reaction. In Malaysia, where people are drawn to homes, posters have been posted asking women to dress properly at home, make up and not to disturb their spouses by talking a lot. These posters, which were met with a reaction, were immediately removed and the public apologized.

Turkmenistan: The word coronavirus is banned
We have reported yesterday the decision to ban the word coronavirus received by Turkmenistan. While the Turkmenistan administration removed the word coronavirus from the brochures of the country’s health ministry, it also forbade the public to talk about the coronavirus.


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