Extraordinary Course Promising Students to Read 20 Thousand Words Per Minute


Extraordinary Course Promising Students to Read 20 Thousand Words Per Minute

There are several ways to improve the speed reading technique, but some popular speed reading courses in China promise that they can teach you to read 20,000 words per minute.

When you research the speed reading technique on the Internet, you can find many different courses or methods. The European record holder in this field, Dan Halloway with the success of reading 1,700 words per minute, but some speed reading courses opened in China, promises much more than that.

These courses, which are claimed to teach the quantum speed reading technique, are promised to read 100 thousand words in 5 minutes. What sparked this debate was a video showing students who quickly translated book pages at a Chinese speed reading contest.

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Advocates of the method say that images come alive in the minds of the reader who quickly translates book pages, and claim that this method helps them understand the contents of the book they read. Those who oppose this issue say that these courses are dishonest.

The video, which caused people to react, also provoked the regional authorities in China. The Shenzhen Education Department has banned quantum speed reading courses for primary and secondary school students in a decision. Authorities also sued the course owners.

While experts say such training is baseless and misleading, these courses are becoming very popular. The reason why such courses have become so popular is that families think that they will contribute to their children’s education, lack of scientific knowledge and insufficient measures in this area.

The Japanese Yumiko Tobitani, the developer of this technique, also published a book about this technique in 2006. The fees for the quantum speed reading courses in China’s major cities range from $ 4,200 ($ 24,000) to $ 8,500 ($ 49,000).

Shiong Binggi, Deputy Director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute in Beijing, says that the desire of parents to raise a gifted child is the main factor in the popularization of these courses.

Families, fearing the possibility of their children back to expressing Binggi, “Children who send their children to quantum speed reading courses, although some doubts still have the possibility that this method can be effective. The other children are afraid that if they go to a course and their children are deprived of it, they will be left behind. ”

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