Extraction 2: Chris Hemsworth Reveals Heavy Training for Netflix Sequel


Extraction 2: Through a shared post on Instagram this Wednesday (8), Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers) revealed his intense training routine for the sequel to the acclaimed movie Rescue, which is due to start shooting in late September.

The actor’s new exercise program focuses on transitioning from “heavy weights to functional movements”, with the aim of concentrating the body’s movements to achieve the best performance in “agility, strength and speed”. With rests of just 2 minutes between four sessions of repetitions, the interpreter of the mercenary Tyler Rake performs squats, push-ups, pedals and lateral deviations, and promises to emerge with much more intensity for the new action scenes.

The preparation, in addition to being part of the readaptation process for the Netflix action feature — especially because the Australian has been on film hiatus for just over a year — also suggests the beginning of physical work to bring the legendary MMA fighter Hulk to life. Hogan, who is expected to win a biopic sometime in 2022. Hemsworth will also star in Thor: Love and Thunder and make an as-yet-undefined appearance in Mad Max: Furious.

Released in 2020 by Netflix, Rescue quickly became one of the year’s most acclaimed features, bringing an explosive and gripping story about Tyler Rake, a fearless mercenary who offers his services to an international crime boss in Mumbai, India.

Thus, he must infiltrate enemy troops from rival Bangladesh and into a relentless regional conflict, as he seeks to rescue a relative of his contractor and survive amidst the chaos.

Moved from Australia to Prague, Czech Republic, due to covid-19 restrictions, Rescue 2, a production directed by Sam Hargrave and scripted by Joe Russo, is still not scheduled for release.


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