Extra time from the US Department of Commerce to TikTok


For months, the Trump administration has been pressing TikTok to end its operations in the US or to separate its operation in the US. While the process to partner Oracle and Walmart to the platform was still underway, the deadline given by the US Department of Commerce for TikTok ended on November 12. The Foreign Investment Committee of the ministry, which did not implement the additional sanctions that are said to be applied from November 12, extended this period until November 27.

This means that the company has another two weeks ahead. If the expected approval for the deal with Oracle and Walmart comes until November 27, TikTok’s operations in the US will be able to continue without any problems. Although the decision to remove TikTok from app stores is under injunction, the presidential decision for the sale of the social network’s US operation still holds true.

The environment created after the coronavirus epidemic and the US presidential election also seems to have worked in TikTok’s favor. The Trump administration’s focus on other issues also made it difficult for TikTok to find an addressee.

In the last statement made by the US Department of Commerce Foreign Investment Committee, it was reminded that the presidential decision published on August 14 for TikTok is valid. It was stated in the statement that the extra time given will help the parties and the Committee complete the process.

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