Extra protection for incognito tabs in the Chrome iOS app


Google is working on a solution that will provide extra protection for incognito tabs in the Chrome iOS app. The company is testing the protection of tabs opened in private browsing mode with Face ID or Touch ID. In this feature, incognito tabs are blurred until verified by fingerprint or face. After verification, it is possible to see the tab.

It can be said that this will be a useful feature for users who keep many tabs open at once. Thanks to this feature, those who give their phone to someone else can feel a little more comfortable about revealing their confidential information.

It is worth noting that not all beta users are included in this test yet. Google has been holding updates of iOS apps for a while due to Apple’s new privacy policy. Therefore, it remains uncertain when the update will be released. However, under normal circumstances, Chrome 89 is expected to be released next month.

When it is released, Chrome iOS users need to activate the feature in the settings section of the application. For this, it is enough to go to the Privacy section and then check the “Lock incognito windows when you close Chrome” option.


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