External apps would destroy iOS security, says Tim Cook


iOS: This Wednesday (16), Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a virtual interview to the VivaTech conference, considered the biggest technology event in Europe. With a main focus on data privacy and its importance to Apple, the conversation featured punctual comparisons with the Android operating system and much more.

Featured in the interview, Cook pondered a feature much requested by users of the Apple ecosystem: the ability to install apps from sources other than the App Store. According to the CEO, iOS was designed to have only one app store, where any software would go through a major scrutiny before reaching the user.

He goes on to add that this is one of the reasons the Android platform has up to 47 times more malware than iOS, making it more vulnerable. However, even after the justification, Cook says he is “optimistic” with the dialogues on the topic and reiterates that Apple “will always be on the user’s side”.

The CEO also reinforced Apple’s stance on user privacy: “We see this as a basic human right. A fundamental human right. And we’ve been focused on privacy for decades,” he says. “Steve used to say that privacy was declaring in plain language what people were signing and offering their permission. And that permission must be asked for over and over again,” he says.

According to him, data privacy is directly linked to user freedom: “If everyone is worried that someone is watching them, they start doing less, thinking less. And no one wants to live in a world where freedom of expression is restricted” , concludes.


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