Extended school holidays to fight Covid-19?


Will school holidays be extended to counter the spread of Covid-19? We’ll give you more details. Will the government extend school holidays to counter the spread of Covid-19?

The school holidays in February are fast approaching for some. And for the moment, the government has taken no decision concerning them.

This situation therefore leaves the French in total uncertainty! Which tends to annoy more than one. Without surprise !

If the population still does not understand the situation, one thing is certain: the holidays will not be like the others. A few weeks ago, the government cast doubt on a possible 3rd containment.

At the moment, it is not! Good for us, we want to say.

Thus, according to the latest statements, containment is no longer on the agenda. Unless you see a last minute change of plan. Which would be catastrophic!

The medical profession for its part asked the government to extend the school holidays. But again, nothing seems to be being done on this level either.

We are therefore witnessing a real standoff between doctors and the government. And this has been going on for weeks!

Doctors are asking politicians to take their responsibilities to end this health crisis as quickly as possible. On the other hand, in the school environment, we are not immune to a big rant from the teaching staff!


Would an extension of the school holidays be beneficial? On tourism, yes.

Indeed, many French people have decided not to go on vacation for the moment. They may well change their mind if the school holidays are extended.

But as long as the government does not take any decisions, it remains impossible to plan! In fact, contaminations in schools continue to gain ground.

And national education teachers risk getting angry if nothing changes. You should know that the pupils of zones B and C will soon be on vacation in the days and weeks to come.

It will therefore be an opportunity for doctors to follow the evolution of the health crisis very closely. Moreover, it is important to note that the spread of the virus is not the same in all cities in France.

Indeed, some regions of the country remain more affected than others. And to counter the spread of the virus, it is not excluded that the government will put in place travel restrictions in the coming weeks.

Again, for now, these are just assumptions. What will the government decide to do about school vacations? Stay tuned, up close.


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