Expresso Do Tomorrow: Wilford Wins Video With Cast Vision


Expresso Do Tomorrow: The 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (Snowpiercer) has been completed and, now, in addition to Netflix, it is available for purchase in DVD, Blu-ray and also completely digital formats.

In the new version, fans of Expresso do Tomorrow can have access to the ten episodes that have been released, but the news is a large amount of extra files that show behind-the-camera details involving the cast of the series.

One of the videos was made available to the public and shows how some actors react to Wilford, the villain of the series, who is seen as a god by passengers.

Check out the video below:

In the video, the character is described as a dark and evil psychopath, even more than many expected. However, in Expresso do Amanhã, it is possible to see in more depth that he manages to gain the characters’ trust through his charisma, especially in season 2.

Lena Hall’s speech, which brings the character Miss Audrey to life, seems to have even more propriety, as the woman knows Wilford better than anyone else. The strange romance they both maintain is so strong that it drives her to betray her friends just so her beloved manipulator can come out on top.

Everything in the 2nd season of Expresso do Tomorrow serves as a way to show the power that Wilford has, mainly the forced union between Layton and Melanie in favor of a common enemy. In the recent release, through the extra content, all this is even easier to be observed through the speeches of actors and members of the production.

For fans of the series, Wilford is an indispensable acquisition and promises to also move the plot of the 3rd season of Expresso do Amanhã, which premieres January 24, 2022, on TNT.