Expresso do Amanhã: Watch the trailer for season 2


This Monday (11), TNT released the official trailer for the 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (Snowpiercer, in the original). The series, which is based on the homonymous comics by Benjamin Legrand, Jean-Marc Rochette and Jacques Lob, will have great emotions from the next episodes.

The production will begin to be broadcast from January 25th. From the images, it is possible to see that there are several strategies being devised for a greater good, in addition to conflicts that promise to take the breath away from the spectators.

Watch the full trailer:

Attention, spoilers ahead!

Learn more about the 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã

At the end of the first season of Express of Tomorrow, the survivors of the revolution found themselves trying to piece together what was left and maintain possible peace between the newly merged classes, with Layton (played by Daveed Diggs) emerging as the leader of the train.

But on discovering that Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) is alive and that he would have followed his course on a rival train, Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) ended up taking a risk to stop him from invading the Snowpiercer.

During these events, it was revealed that Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard), the daughter she thought died, is alive and has become Wilford’s dedicated protégé.

Thus, throughout the 2nd season, the public will see a new struggle for power arising. This can bring intense challenges while people are torn between their loyalty to Layton and Mr. Wilford. While Layton fights Wilford for the Snowpiercer’s soul, Melanie leads the attack on a shocking new discovery that could change the fate of all mankind.

From January 25, new episodes of Expresso do Amanhã will start airing on TNT and also on Netflix.


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