Expresso do Amanhã: Sean Bean talks about his character


The 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (Snowpiercer, in the original) hasn’t even opened yet, but fans’ expectations are already quite high. One character that, apparently, will be quite prominent in the next episodes of Express of Tomorrow is Mr. Wilford (played by Sean Bean). In a recent interview with TV Insider, the actor commented on his character in the new season of the series.

Showrunner Graeme Manson had previously said that Wilford is described as “the smartest man left in the world”, as the character has several hidden facets and some cards up his sleeve.

It is worth mentioning that, at the end of the first wave of episodes, the audience discovers that the daughter Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) believed to be lost, in fact, was with him.

Sean Bean talks about what the public can expect from the second season of Expresso do Amanhã

“I saw the original [2013 film, directed by Bong Joon-ho] and was very impressed. When I was offered the chance to play Wilford, of all people – who did not [participate strongly] in the film – it was a chance to develop this character, ”revealed Bean, who has Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings on his resume.

According to the actor, there is a scene in the season that is very interesting, in which Wilford is introduced to Snowpiercer again as a kind of hero who returns to his home. “I’m in good shape,” he joked, citing writer Oscar Wilde as a reference for acting. “Wilford is a very extravagant showman that I love to play,” he said.

When asked if the next episodes will reveal the truth about the fatherhood of Alexandra (Alexandra Cavill), Melanie’s daughter, Bean says that “Alexandra is very loyal to Wilford and is behaving as if she were her daughter”.

What will happen in the series? The 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã opens today (25) on TNT. In Brazil, dystopian production is made available by Netflix.


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