Express of Tomorrow: everything about the end of season 2


Last Tuesday (30th), the final two episodes of the 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (Snowpiercer) were available on Netflix. The TNT series presented a troubled outcome to viewers, which was also full of unexpected situations, surprising dialogues and some great revelations.

So, learn all about the 2×9 and 2×10 episodes of the series with our recap!

Snowpiercer control: second season finale has great emotions

Somehow, the final episode presents itself as a phenomenon for fans of the series, even if it’s not that satisfying. The 2×8 episode showed that Wilford (Sean Bean) had regained control of the Snowpiercer. With this, the great villain takes the chance to take revenge on Layton (Daveed Diggs), putting him in a very challenging position in the confines of Big Alice.

From that point on, everything Wilford does becomes a spectacle for his supporters, but nothing looks like it will last that long. When he visits Layton in the compost car, the two have a very turbulent dialogue, showing that there is still much fear in Wilford’s thoughts about his greatest enemy.

In this way, the audience watches the return of Layton and Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright) planning to regain control of the train, still hoping to bring Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) back. When they manage to leave Big Alice and infiltrate Snowpiercer again, the two meet with the conspirators Bennet Knox (Iddo Goldberg) and Bess Till (Mickey Sumner).

The team’s plan ensures that they will uncouple the first ten Snowpiercer cars from the rest of the train and pick him up to find Melanie. However, Josie Wellstead (Katie McGuinness), Wilford’s trusted woman, destroys the Aquarium car and separates the front of the train from the other cars.

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With Layton in charge of an incredibly fast “pirate train”, his allies and he head towards Breslauer Research Station. There, the characters find only Melanie’s diary, indicating that she sacrificed herself for the sake of everyone else.


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