Express of Tomorrow 2×5: Wilford plans an attack


As the 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã progresses, new twists are plaguing both Snowpiercer and Big Alice. Wilford plans to take his train back and Josie passes information to Layton. Meanwhile, one of the attempts to contact Melanie fails and the drivers are concerned.

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Josie takes notes on experiments and curfews while in the infirmary. In addition, she learns that Wilford is planning an attack. Through commerce, she is able to deliver the information to Layton.

Meanwhile, Wilford invites Audrey to Big Alice and Layton prepares for a possible attack. The drivers and Audrey talk about the need to gather more information and she accepts the invitation to meet with her former lover.

Layton decides it’s time to talk to Terrence, the head of janitors and known for selling drugs in the first season of Expresso do Amanhã. He threatens him with arrest and Terrence reveals that he has already noticed Winnie running on the train after the cargoes from the trade arrive. With the threat of having Josie’s information reported, Layton is unsure of his next move.

Zarah advises Layton to teach Terrence a lesson, but the new leader is afraid to do anything dangerous. Therefore, Zarah encourages you to outsource the service.

At Big Alice, Alex and Audrey talk to get to know each other better. Alex asks if all of his songs are about Wilford and Audrey replies that she would not be there if her connection with Joseph was not deep. Then, Wilford interrupts the conversation and welcomes his lover, while Alex leaves the room irritated.

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Drivers are concerned that Melanie has not made contact as planned. Layton says Wilford can’t find out about it and Ruth asks what the secretary should tell passengers. Together, they agree that lying is the best option to keep the passengers’ hope.

Layton asks Pike to help him arrest Terrence on Josie’s behalf. He agrees and assembles two blades, one of which he hands over to Terrence and says the fight must be fair. The two begin to fight and Pike murders Terrence. While facing the lifeless man, he starts to cry.


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