Express of Tomorrow 2×4: train awaits signal from Melanie


The 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (Snowpiercer) started showing more than a group of survivors. Now, they bet on the hope that it will be possible to re-colonize the Earth after the freeze. However, it is not what everyone wants, as we discovered while the crew waited for a signal from Melanie.

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Mr. Wilford wants to spend a night at the Snowpiercer because of Audrey, who we discovered was his lover before the freeze. So he sends a message to Landon offering medical treatment to patients who had their skin frozen during Big Alice’s attack. Then, Landon invites him to watch the launch of the weather balloons that will capture the signal that Melanie has started collecting data on the weather.

Meanwhile, Lights and other funders try to get revenge on Wilford’s devotees who cut off their fingers. Bess and Landon stop them from doing anything more serious and the new train commander begins to realize that things may be getting out of hand. Ruth also realizes this and laments about Landon not trusting her for Zarah. In turn, Zarah wastes no time and suggests joining the Secretariat so that the two can help each other.

Big Alice’s crew – including Alex – join the Snowpiercer while train drivers explain that the weather balloon will determine whether Melanie made it to the research base or not. In the sleeping car, Audrey and Wilford are reunited and she puts her plan into action to gain her trust, but seems shaken by the memories of the past and the fear of her former lover. After all, he encouraged Audrey to commit suicide by handing her the blade. In the last few minutes, he decided to “spare” her life.

While waiting for the signal, LJ and Alex talk about their mothers. LJ talks about his parents being frozen during the war, while Alex claims not to know that he missed Melanie so much. She knows that Wilford wishes his mother’s death and hopes that she did not survive the mission and that, in the next episodes, Alex may need to make a choice.

When the balloon reaches the required altitude, the Snowpiercer and Big Alice crew hold their breath to see if Melanie’s signal will be picked up. Finally, the balloon and the database are connected and we know that, so far, Melanie is alive.

The 2×4 episode of Tomorrow’s Express ends with Josie on board Big Alice to be treated after her entire body has been burnt by ice. Before that, she found Miles again and he said she was her hero. Now, she is next to Ice Bob and Wilford seems to have his own plans for her.

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