Exposed! The Writers of “Stranger Things” Deny That Millie Bobby Brown Refuses $10 Million for a Spin-Off Film in a Tweet


“Stranger Things” is back in full force! Ever since David Harbour announced the show’s filming date, fans have been getting new details on a regular basis. More recently, the creative team made a cryptic hint on Twitter, which confused fans with what the Season 5 storyline could bring. People only understood that it would be a combination of the 1st and 4th seasons. Therefore, it will be a darker confrontation than viewers have ever seen in the history of Netflix. As for the speculation and rumors that people spread on the Internet, the team has become no less attentive to them, and they are not going to tolerate fake news at all.

The official page of Stranger Writers recently responded to a message from Daily Mail Online on Twitter. The team wrote: “Yes, there is nothing truthful in this article. I don’t know why we have to keep debunking this rumor, but get these clicks, guys!!”

People from the franchise caused the publication by scrolling through an article about Millie Bobby Brown rejecting a $10 million offer. Many of you may have come across rumors on the Internet that the British star no longer wants to work with the franchise. And she wants to explore other things in the entertainment world that will help unlock her talent on another level.

However, after exposing all these fake news, the team found out that their leading star did not participate in any such conversations.

Fans are drooling at the team of writers of “stranger things” for criticizing fake news
After seeing this post, fans praise the creators for standing up to this unreliable news, while others began demanding the return of their favorite characters. One fan said, “It’s good that you’re up against the tabloids with fake news and sensational headlines trying to cash in on your franchise!”

“The Daily Mail is one of the most rubbish newspapers in the UK, second only to the Daily Star when it comes to celebrity gossip. The story is the 1st fact check later,” another fan commented.

A third fan wrote: “Yes, the truth is that you need to give us a real Lumax kiss in the s5!!!”

“I love you guys, and I will love you even more if you find a way to bring Eddie back to life,” another person remarked.

If you want to receive more such updates about Stranger Things, stay tuned! In the meantime, don’t forget to share your opinion about fake news in the comments.


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