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Speaking to Total Film about his new movie Free Guy, the famous actress Ryan Reynolds answered some questions about Deadpool’s future. Saying that the MCU adventure is very new, the famous name thinks that this agreement will be beneficial for everyone.

Despite being suitable for audiences over the age of 18 and over, Deadpool, which achieved an excellent success at the box office, soon appeared after the audience with the second movie. When the second film of the series managed to get full marks from the audience, the eyes were turned into the third film of the series. At this point, the work for the new movie has not started yet, and the purchase between Disney and Fox is a bit complicated.

To summarize briefly for those who do not know, Disney, the world’s largest media company, had officially bought 21st Century Fox in recent years. After this agreement, which was launched as one of the biggest purchases in history, the future of many productions, such as Deadpool, started to be wondered.

Ryan Reynolds declined to answer for sure about Deadpool’s future:
The film’s lead actor Ryan Reynolds hinted earlier that Deadpool 3 might be part of MCU Phase 5, but these explanations were left in the air. Now, the famous name, making new statements, apparently does not have a clear idea of ​​the future of Deadpool.

Speaking to Total Film about his new movie Free Guy, Reynolds avoided giving a clear answer to a question about the future of Deadpool 3, and replied, “I really don’t know, we’ll see.” Adding that Marvel is a big fan, the famous actress met Marvel Studios in 2019. Touching on this issue, Reynolds stated that he saw Disney buying the Fox as a good thing, and that if they did Deadpool 3, he would probably think it would be better and be a win for everyone.

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There is no concrete information about the future of Deadpool 3 yet. So what do you think would be a new Deadpool movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? You can share your ideas on this subject from the comments section.


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