Explanation of Tone’s cosmic speech in The Flash: all references and teasers


Attention! Below are SPOILERS for the 8th season of The Flash, the 18th series.

Eobard Tone gave a speech full of Easter eggs regarding the cosmic side of the DC Comics multiverse, hinting at the future of the Arrow universe and providing preparation for season 9 of The Flash. Zoom, offering viewers an educational lecture on a number of topics. How Thawne knew about some of the things he was talking about remains a mystery awaiting explanation, but little about Barry Allen’s nemesis and the breadth of his knowledge is shocking after eight seasons.

One of the biggest surprises in the 8th season of “Flash” was the unannounced appearance of John Diggle (David Ramsey) in the 18th episode of “The Man in the Yellow Tie”. A former Spartan vigilante and Oliver Queen’s right-hand man on The Arrow series, Diggle spent two years after the Arrow series finale trying to figure out the meaning of a strange box containing a glowing green object that fell to the Ground next to him as he was preparing to fly. leave Star City. Some believed that this was a response to the long-teasing rumors that John Diggle would become the first Green Lantern of Earth-Prime.

Since the most knowledgeable scientists of his era could not find an explanation for the headaches that Diggle began to experience since he received the box, or a way to open the box a second time, he sought out the Reverse Flash of Eobard Tone (Tom Kavanagh) in hope that he might have some answers, being a scientist from 200 years in the future. Thawne did know something about what the box really was, and agreed to help Diggle open it again and take away the power he had to offer. This led to the Reverse Flash constantly bragging, ranting about the nature of the box, in the process omitting the names of several characters and concepts from DC Comics cosmology.

Transmater technology

When Diggle first asked Tone about the box and told him how he started hearing voices telling him that “worlds are waiting,” Tone described the box as part of transmatter technology that is “capable of traveling through realities.” In the pre-crisis DC Comics universe, both the Justice League and the Justice Society of America used devices called transmatter cubes to travel to each other’s respective parallel Lands. In the DC comics universe after Flashpoint, a similar device called the Transmatter Symphonic Array was used to facilitate interdimensional travel. By the 31st century and the time of the Legion of Superheroes, transmatter portals were available as a fast but expensive means of traveling through the universe.

Planet of Worlds

Thawne also claimed that Diggle’s box was forged in a place called Orrery Worlds. The Orrery of worlds, first introduced in preparation for the “Last Crisis” event and further developed in the “Multiverse” series, is the name given to 52 parallel Earths watched by the Monitor race, which appeared to protect the new Multiverse after the death of the original “Monitor” after the mini—series “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Thawne Orrery’s mention of Worlds suggests that something similar happened in the new multiverse that formed after the “Arrow Crisis on Infinite Earths” event.

Space Odyssey

Thawne explained to Diggle that cubes like the one he had seen only appeared in certain people capable of shaping the future, and that he would have to think about “all the pending space odysseys” to open the box again. A Space Odyssey is a four–part miniseries published in 1988 that chronicles the rare alliance between Highfather and Darkseid of the New Gods, as they teamed up with a number of heroes from Earth to save all reality from a reasonable version of the Anti-Life Equation. . The story is notable for the fact that the main role in it was given to the Green Lantern John Stewart, whose arrogance during the event led to the destruction of the planet Xanshi. Tone’s choice of words does not seem random, given the many rumors that John Diggle is John Stewart from “Arrow” and was a Green Lantern on at least one other Earth


As soon as Diggle opened the box a second time, Thawne urged him to “drink the Bleeding” inside. In the modern DC Comics multiverse, Bleeding is the name given to the empty space between realities, so named because of the red hue resembling blood that prevails in the realm. The concept of bleeding was first introduced in the “Power”, where the titular team of anti-heroes settled aboard the alien ship “Carrier”, which could travel through the bleeding. The same concept of uncertainty between realities also appeared in the Justice League of America comics of the 1960s and was retroactively declared to be the same space as Bleeding after the “Flashpoint” comic book storyline.