Explanation of the “yapping” of Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite’s approach to the online service model was a bit disappointing. While Halo Infinite showed great promise after its initial release, acting as a return to form for the sci-fi shooter franchise, cracks soon began to appear. The lack of maps, the absence of fan-favorite weapons and the meager number of game modes in Halo Infinite led to a somewhat lackluster experience. But, by far, the biggest disappointment in Halo Infinite was 343 Industries’ approach to fan feedback.

While Halo fans aren’t necessarily the most laid-back fans in the gaming ecosphere, the criticism of Halo Infinite was mostly fair, but it took 343 Industries quite a while before solving any problems with the Halo Infinite gameplay. Over the past seven months or so, 343 Industries has made a number of changes and added some content to Halo Infinite, and while it’s certainly welcome, the game isn’t quite ready yet. However, this hasn’t stopped 343 from continuing to try, even with the recent cancellation of the Halo Infinite collaborative campaign, and the upcoming Yappening event is a perfect example of this.

The bright event of Halo Infinite

In a comic published on the official Halo Twitter account, it is reported that an event called The Yappening is heading to Halo Infinite next week, September 6. there are some items to share. Being invited inside, the charming little smuggler opens his box of goods, revealing several cans of paint, a banana keychain and a soccer ball, dressed in “his own rare custom-made hat with Yapyap fins.” In the last strip of the comic, it is claimed that The Yappening is happening, with the slogan “play strange games, get strange things”.

The Yappening event actually first appeared in the RTS Halo Wars 2 spin-off, where the event’s namesake debuted. Coming into the game as a DLC, Yapyap The Destroyer used the grumpy goblin costumes to crush his opponents, while spewing several sarcastic witticisms. Then Yapyap was the face of the Yappening event, during which many outlandish game modes appeared in Halo Wars 2 for a limited time. Yappening has also spread to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in 2018, once again introducing a number of absurd game modes. Yuppening also affected the user interface of Halo: MCC, changing some icons and even the names of some menu items.

Judging by the tone of the comic’s announcement, it seems that the Halo Infinite Yappening event will follow suit. Fans can probably expect at least one or two time-limited game modes to appear in Halo Infinite next week, as well as a host of cosmetic items dedicated to Yap’s incompetence on the battlefield. Judging by the comic, it is likely that fans will be able to unlock several new colored skins for armor and weapons, as well as a charm for banana weapons. It also seems likely that players will be able to get their hands on the “special blade hat” that Grumpy tried to sell in the comic. The yuppening is scheduled to begin on September 6 and will apparently last at least a week, although the end date is currently unknown.

Halo Infinite is already available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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