Explanation of the trend of Kris Jenner, Kissed and TikTok


Kris Jenner has become a viral trend in TikTok after fans got their hands on an old video of The Kardashians star and use it to prank TikTok users. The Kar-Jenner family has been a source of viral trends and memes since the beginning of their original reality show, The Kardashian Family. One of the most popular memes is Kim Kardashian’s iconic crying face, which appeared in a 2012 episode of the KUWTK spin-off, Kourtney & Kim Take New York. At the time, Kim was upset that her marriage to Kris Humphries had fallen apart, and expressed her feelings to her older sister Kourtney Kardashian. Kim had no idea that her crying face would become a meme that fans are still talking about ten years later.

A crying face even appeared at the premiere of The Kardashians during the Roblox storyline. Kim’s son Saint West saw an ad for unseen footage from her 2002 sex video with singer Ray Jay, and the ad used Kim’s infamous crying face to promote the alleged footage. The Kardashians also spawned the cucumber meme Kendall Jenner, which also appeared on TikTok. In an episode of the Hulu reality show, Kendall tries to make herself a snack, but doesn’t know how to slice a cucumber properly. Chris asks several times if she wants the cook to help her, but Kendall insists on doing it herself. Fans recreated the scene on TikTok by posting videos in which they imitate Kendall’s poor cucumber slicing skills.

Kris is the latest Kar-Jenner to become a meme as TikTok has been inundated with videos pranking fans in a new trend called “getting criss.” The video posted on the @wandakardashian app has gained a million likes and perfectly demonstrates this trend. The video uses the song “Space Song” by the Beach House band, and a shocking statement is put on the screen to attract the attention of the audience. In the video of @wandakardashian, a photo of Kim and her children appears with the caption: “I can’t believe it’s for Kim, she was so happy with him.” The quote implies that the video will show what Pete did to Kim. Instead, he presents Chris’ video. The song switches to an accelerated version of the 2001 performance of “Lady Marmalade” by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mia and Pink from the movie “Moulin Rouge”!

TikTok shows a clip in which Chris sings a song from a YouTube music video that Kar-Jenners shot for the song back in 2012. “You just got Krissed!” the caption reads. “Send this to your friends to totally #Chris them!” The mashup of the sound fragments “Space Song” and “Lady Marmalade” now has 39.7 thousand videos using this sound. This trend is reminiscent of the trend of the 2000s, when Internet users “Rickrolled” each other by responding to social media posts with a link to Rick Astley’s 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Later, he grew up on YouTube, where, as in the case of Kris Jenner, users clicked people with an intriguing video title only for it to be an excerpt from the music video for the song instead.

A strange trend has taken hold of the video sharing app and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Even the popular clothing store PacSun has joined the trend. Although Chris hasn’t answered yet, it’s getting harder to ignore him. Let’s hope that mamager will have a good sense of humor about all this. Maybe the Kardashian star will even join her and decide to #Chris for her fans.