Explanation of the specifics of the doctrine of the cult of the Lamb

The indie video game market is right now pumping out contenders for the title of “Game of the Year” on the left, right and center. This year alone, players have been able to enjoy stellar games such as Stray, Tunic, Teacher, Bear and Breakfast and OlliOlli World, each offering a completely unique experience that may have been inspired by some of the best in the industry, but has managed to carve out its own distinctive identity. The cult of the Lamb is the latest example.
Released just a week ago, the Cult of the Lamb is equally a dungeon-crawling bagel and an urban management simulator packed into a charmingly dark, bloody cartoon aesthetic and topped with a bow of mocking dark humor. . The Cult of the Lamb is one of the most unique games of the year, and although the development team was small, the amount of content in the game and the complexity of some mechanics are really impressive. One such mechanic is the game’s Doctrine System, a feature that allows players to improve the traits of their cult followers.
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The cult of the doctrine of the Lamb Mechanic

“The Cult of the Lamb”. Although the mechanics themselves are actually quite complex, each requiring different resources or completed tasks, the Cult of the Lamb Although the mechanics themselves are actually quite complex to present each of them in a natural and slow way, always introducing only one new mechanic at a time and allowing the player to get used to it. this is before the other raises his head.
“The Cult of the Lamb”. Essentially, this doctrine system allows players to improve their followers by giving them trait bonuses based on five different categories. To unlock a new doctrine, players must collect three parts of the Tablet of Commandments. Although they can be found by going to the procedurally generated dungeons of the Cult of the Lamb, the easiest way to get parts of the Tablets of the Commandments is to increase the level of Devotion of the follower, represented by a red stripe above their head. Followers, in turn, can be promoted through gifts, blessings, side missions, and worship. As soon as the follower raises the level, the player will receive a piece of the tablet.
After receiving three parts of the Tablet of Commandments, the player can go to his temple and click on the “Crown” option. Here they just need to click on the “Doctrine” button and they will be presented with five categories to choose from, including the afterlife, work and worship, livelihood, law and order and property, each of the vital aspects that go into management. cult. By clicking on a category, the player can choose two traits, often these are two options that are opposed to each other. For example, choosing the category “Afterlife” will give the player a choice between the doctrine of “Resurrection Ritual” or the doctrine of “Funeral”, with the former allowing the player to return a dead follower, and the latter opens a Ritual that allows followers to honor the dead, increasing the total stock of Faith by 20.
Each of the Lamb Cult Doctrine categories has five levels of development, which means that players can finish the game with 25 equipped traits at the same time. However, with each new level of development of the Doctrine, a choice of two options appears, and as the cult of the player expands and the task of managing all its members becomes more complicated, this decision about which traits to choose will become more and more important.
Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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