Explanation of the Red Flags of All the 90-Day Grooms of Season 9


The 90-Day Bride franchise is widely known for its tumultuous relationships, and couples from season 9 have many bright red flags. This season, viewers got acquainted with five brand new couples (and one returning duo) from the popular spin-off “90-day Groom: Another Way.” Each couple is monitored by cameras during the process of obtaining a K-1 visa, and fans can’t help but count the blows to their colleagues.

For example, the star of the TV series “90-day groom” Kobi Blaze had a hard time adapting to the new culture of Kansas. He is used to being the “master of the house,” as he said in the series, and his fiancee Emily Biberli is not one of those who sit idly by. In fact, after he snapped at her in the barn, telling her to “shut up,” Emily was quick to let him know how inappropriate his comment was. When Kobe’s friend Temperament tried to repeat the importance of Kobe taking the reins of government into his own hands, she made it clear that she did not agree.

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Clearly, Emily is a force to be reckoned with. What’s interesting is that the celebrities of the 90-day fiance Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are dealing with the same problems from their past. The couple lacks trust and communication skills. Although these two are opposites, they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their family together. While some couples may have bright pink flags, bright red flags are vigorously fluttering in front of the eyes of the audience.

Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yves Arellano

Mohamed Abdelhamed seemed no less interested in Yves Arellano, not to mention their wedding. Although he claims that he loves Eve and gets along well with her son Taran, it seems that he has only one thing on his mind: a green card. Sometimes a stigma is attached to the K-1 visa, and it is because of colleagues like Mohamed that the bride/groom visa can get a bad reputation. According to Mohamed from 90 Day Fiancé, dreams of an extravagant wedding are only Yves’ aspirations, since he has a different vision. It is more important for him to work and visit his family in Egypt. With such a tight time frame that has already been set aside for the K-1 visa process, rushing the wedding doesn’t seem like the best idea.

Thais Ramon and Patrick Mendes

Thais Ramon didn’t want to share the news about her wedding with her father, and fans can understand why. The couple does have a few red flags. For example, the strong and independent Thais does not like the controlling methods of Patrick Mendes. Patrick also had a meeting with another woman, as a result of which Thais tracked his whereabouts. However, the biggest red flag comes more from his family than from Patrick himself. Thais from 90 Day Fiancé does not get along with his curious brother John Mendes, who likes to insert his five kopecks, even when no one asks his opinion. Not to mention that the rest of his family seems to be following his example. After visiting his family in Massachusetts, it became clear that the Mendes family is not afraid to share their opinions or suspicions.

Bilal Hazziez and Shaida Suin

The title of villain this season was awarded to Bilal Hazziez for a good reason. Despite the couple’s engagement, it was difficult for him to speak honestly about his wealth. In fact, every time they communicated via video link, Shaida Suin saw only him and the white wall. Shaida had no idea how much money he had, but Bilal from the 90-day groom was still convinced that she was a gold digger. As a result, he staged a “harmless joke”, convincing his fiancee that he works in an unmarked white van and lives in his dilapidated, shack-like childhood home. Unfortunately, the antics did not end there. On a romantic date, he discussed the prenuptial agreement. There are rumors that the accident with Shaida’s wedding dress is another tasteless prank.

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After all, relationships aren’t perfect. We need two imperfect people who are ready to work together on their shortcomings. However, some of these couples seem to struggle with compromise. For example, Shaida seems to be a good-natured woman who is not afraid of change and is able to endure pain. Meanwhile, it’s hard for Bilal when the vase is not in place. In general, there are several episodes left in the season, and viewers are looking forward to what will remain with the exuberant couples of the 90-day groom.


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