Explanation of the order of creation of a dragon pack in World of Warcraft


In 2022, there will be no shortage of MMO, and almost every major IP developer will put his hat in the ring. From Star Wars: The Old Republic before Star Trek Online, the modern MMO market is awash with big names, but there is one game that has managed to resist staying at the very top of the mountain since the dawn of the genre: The World of Warcraft.

Despite the fact that World of Warcraft was released almost two decades ago, it still remains the most popular MMO on the planet: at the time of writing this article, it was played by about 120 million active players. It is estimated that on any given day there are more than a million players on the servers of World of Warcraft at the same time, which is important. One of the keys to the success of World of Warcraft has been a steady stream of major add-ons that are released every two years or so, supporting a constant influx of new content for experienced players. World of Warcraft will receive its next expansion called Dragonflight in December this year, and it will bring a number of new mechanics, including a new Crafting Orders system.

Mechanics of World of Warcraft Dragon Pack Production Orders

Along with many other settings and changes, the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft will slightly change the system of professions in the game. Craft specializations that allow players to create certain, higher-quality equipment are returning, and many new professional items are sent to the game, specially designed to help the player during their creation. A brand new profession center is opening in Waldrakken on the Dragon Islands, where several workbenches will appear and a new item quality feature will be introduced.

On top of that, a completely new system called “Production Orders” is being introduced in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. In short, fabrication orders are a new system that allows the player to commission someone to create something for him. The big advantage of this is that players can now get rare items that would otherwise be locked behind another tree of professions or specializations. Similarly, this means that players will be able to buy items without having the materials to create them.

To access this new system, players simply need to go to the new “Production Orders” tab, scroll through the extensive list of recipes and select the item they would like to order. Then the players either meet with their chosen master one-on-one, or go through an NPC who takes a commission to the auction house, where the players bid on the commission. To lower the asking price, players can also provide their own crafting materials. Any notes or any additional tips that the player wants to send can be done through the new Crafting Orders interface.

Once the artisan receives the commission, they will be asked to fill in all the missing ingredients, add their own reagents if they wish, and create an item. After creation, the item will be immediately sent to the buyer directly through the World of Warcraft mail system. However, artisans should be aware that the Consortium of Artisans charges a small fee for each item created, so players need to take this into account when exchanging prices.

World of Warcraft is already available on PC. The Dragonflight expansion is due out later this year.


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