Explanation of the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Privileges for July 2022


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides subscribers with a number of rewards. Access to an extensive library of new Xbox Game Studios releases, AAA games from major partners and indie games is undoubtedly a major advantage. But Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also provides subscribers with a number of free digital privileges on a monthly basis. Last week, Xbox Game Pass confirmed a few more privileges that will be available in July, as well as many privileges remaining from June.

Last week, Xbox Game Pass introduced two new bonuses for subscribers. The first one will be warmly welcomed by those who have purchased Fall Guys since the party game became free. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will no longer be stuck with naked beans in studded bracelets. Instead, they can qualify for a free Rabbit costume Robo Perk, an outfit with a big blue hoodie and pink headphones with rabbit ears. The Fall Guys privilege is only available in July, so subscribers don’t have to wait to get it.

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Another new perk announced recently for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is for The Elder Scrolls Online. This bonus includes a lot of unique materials for MMO. It starts with the Windhelm Cliff ram, a large riding sheep. In addition, there are tattoos on the face of druids, a set of tattoos available for all races of The Elder Scrolls Online. Finally, there are two Xanmeer Crown Crate, loot boxes offering many different rewards inside. The Elder Scrolls Online bonus will be available until September 20.

There are plenty of other Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks available throughout July, besides those announced last week, of course. Privileges will be available until July, including the Supercharge set for FIFA 22, the Face of the Franchise set for Madden NFL 22, the first season of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime, the Deluxe set for Assassin’s Creed Origins and much more.

Some privileges will also expire soon, so Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers should receive them soon. The Ms. Marvel Future costume pack for Marvel’s Avengers expires on July 6, Halo Infinity’s Pass Tense Razorback Bundle expires on July 12, 10 free sets for MLB The Show 22 expire on July 5, and Hulu’s two-month free trial expires on July 3. .

Don’t be surprised if additional privileges are added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate during July. It seems that the service has been offering more and more lately, as a perk can be a great way to draw attention to the game. However, all privileges require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so only subscribers will be able to take advantage of these offers.