Explanation of the new Xbox Game Pass for the first Day of July 19


As the Xbox Game Pass schedule for the next two weeks starts to look light, fans can probably expect an announcement on Monday or Tuesday (July 18 or 19). However, there will undoubtedly be more in the coming week. It’s possible Xbox Game Pass will release some unexpected games or announce others this week, as it details the rest of the month, probably including Xbox Game Pass games coming out on July 31.

One game is already listed as the first day release for Xbox Game Pass on July 19: As Dusk Falls. It is currently scheduled to be released at 9:00 Pacific Time/11:00 Pacific Time on the same day so that fans know when to start. However, what they dive into is another matter, and it’s a unique game even among the vast Game Pass games. library.

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Xbox Game Pass Day One Title: As Dusk Falls

In short, As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama about two families after thirty years. The interactive drama part means that there are many options where players can expect different outcomes for different characters. It has a unique graphic style, as seen in the trailer above, and is arguably more “cinematic” than other games with more choices, such as Life is Strange: True Colors. After all, Inner Night describes it as a graphic novel based on movement.

The game begins in 1988 with a robbery in Arizona that goes horribly wrong, and the impact stretches over three decades of “betrayal, sacrifice and resilience,” according to developer Interior Night. The story sounds intriguing, and combined with the various choices and characters As Dusk Falls promises high replay value as players can explore how different decisions affect each character and their development over this long period of time.

Such choices include how characters deal with their toxic families in As Dusk Falls, what some characters are willing to sacrifice for loved ones, how their past comes back to haunt them, and so on. Each decision affects not only one character, but can affect both families involved as they recover/move on/cope with the curses of generations for their family’s mistakes.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is that this interactive drama can be experienced by more than one player, as players can participate in a cooperative game in As Dusk Falls with up to 8 players on various devices, each of whom can cast their vote. In general, it sounds like an interactive evening of group cinema, and with such a plot you can have a good time with friends or alone.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several games monthly.