Explanation of the new character Genshin Impact Collie


Colley is one of the future characters of Genshin Impact version 3.0. She will become the owner of the Dendro Bow with 4 stars and will be offered for free after the completion of the in—game event.

Despite her recent appearance in the game, Collie has been part of the Genshin Impact story for some time. Colley first appeared in the official webcomic, where she was much younger, and according to the events of the game since then she has turned into a capable ranger.

Who is Genshin Impact Collei?

In the Genshin Impact webcomic, Calley was a test subject for Fatui and their experiments with the remnants of the archons. Then she escaped from their clutches and took refuge in Mondstadt, plotting revenge. Thanks to Fatoui’s experiments, Kolley acquired the ability to create a dark flame similar to the Pyro Element. She then used her power to initiate the Black Flame Incident, harming the locals of Mondstadt to infiltrate the city.

During her stay in Freedom City, Collie from Genshin Impact became friends with Amber (albeit reluctantly at first). Amber shows the Mondstadt Collection and even takes her to the Ludi Harpastum festival. However, in the second part of the webcomic, Kaye finds out that Colley was responsible for the Black Flame Incident and tries to kill her, but Amber protects the young Colley.

By the end of the story, Colley seals the rest of the archon in his body, the Cyno from Genshin Impact, who went to Mondstadt from Sumeru at Lisa’s request. She then leaves Freedom City with Cino, leaving Amber with only a thank-you letter.

Now, during the events of Genshin Impact, Colley works as a trainee ranger under Tignari. Her official introduction from HoYoverse includes an article titled “Grow Up to Conquer the Past,” signaling that Colley is moving away from her turbulent childhood. Although she has not forgotten the people who helped her during that period of her life, as she fondly remembers Amber. In fact, they have similar sets.

A set of Collages in Genshin Impact

Collei Kit via Dim from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Genshin Impact leaks about Colley have revealed her abilities and how similar they are to Amber’s—the most obvious of which is her Elemental Burst. Here, the Collie throws a doll that causes an initial explosion, and then causes continuous AoE Dendro Damage in a certain area. During the action of the ability, the Collay doll jumps around the AoE circle. This is a mixture of the effects of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Amber. People also noted that the doll’s name — Quilein-Anbar — sounds like “Colley and Amber”, which is a useful touch.

Colley also has a passive Genshin Impact skill called “Twilight Glide Champion”, which is similar to Amber’s passive skill. Reduces the use of stamina when planning by 20%. Obviously, Colley has learned a lot in her short time with Amber. As for her other attack patterns, normal and charged Collie attacks are standard for most bow users. Meanwhile, her elemental skill causes her to throw away a gadget called a “Flower Ring”. He works like a boomerang, dealing Dendro damage to all enemies in his path before returning to the Call.

The official list of Genshin Impact Constellations from the College has not yet been published, but there are leaks with their detailed description. Judging by her overall set of abilities, the Collie is most suitable for use as an activator of spontaneous reactions, rather than for dealing damage, as some players note that her attack scaling is a little low. Her constellations support this, as some are expanding the Dendro app. The last Constellation of the Collies even makes her summon the Culain-Anbar to deal more damage to the Dendro.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, and a version for Nintendo Switch is in development.


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