Explanation of the love of the daughter of Gorr: eternal origin and powers


Attention: This post contains big spoilers for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

The daughter of the butcher god Gorra plays a small but crucial role in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”. In “Thor: Love and Thunder” there were many children: the children of Asgard were abducted by Gorr, and his daughter was resurrected in Eternity. However, the presence of Love (as well as its name) is a reminder to the villain and Thor that love can overcome everything.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” begins after the events of “Avengers: Finale”. King Valkyrie is getting used to her role as the leader of the New Asgard—along with the many boring political events she has to attend— and Thor has officially become a space Viking traveling the universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy. But the God of Thunder leaves his new friends behind when he finds out about Gorr, the Butcher God, who, as his name suggests, walks around and kills the gods in revenge for their refusal to prevent bad things, including the death of his daughter.

However, Love is resurrected at the end of the film by Eternity, an omnipotent cosmic entity that fulfills the wish of the first being who finds them. Instead of asking for all the gods to be killed, Gorr instead wishes for his daughter’s return, and Thor promises to protect her until the death of the butcher god. In the final scene of the film, Love fights alongside Thor, who now owns Mjolnir. What exactly is the power of Love? How did the resurrection of Eternity affect her? Here’s an explanation of the latest character to enter the Marvel cinematic universe.

Who plays love in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Love is portrayed by India Rose Hemsworth, the daughter of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky (who also appears in the film as Thor’s past romance). The role of ten-year-old Hemsworth in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” marks her acting debut, although the ending of the film suggests that Love will return for new adventures with his adoptive father.

The love of Thor’s daughter in Marvel comics?

The simple answer is no. Thor doesn’t actually have a daughter in the main Marvel timeline set on Earth-616. Moreover, the son of the Butcher God Gorr was actually a son, Agar, who died and added fuel to the fire against the gods who stood by and did nothing. Lyubov is an original character created specifically for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”. However, Thor has a daughter Torunn Thorsdottir on another earth with Sif. In this world, Ultron defeated the Avengers, and Thorunn was raised by Tony Stark. As with Thor, Thorunn was linked to a weapon, this time with a sword, not a hammer. Following in Odin’s footsteps, Thor left Thorunn on Earth, where she was protected from Ultron by Tony Stark, to teach her lessons in humility before she became arrogant in her youth, like him. She stayed on Earth to lead a new group of Avengers.

As it turned out, Torunn translates as “the love of Thor”. Thus, although Love herself is an original character not from comics, the name Love retains its affinity to comics, now it is a free adaptation of the name Torunn. It is important to note that Love is the physical embodiment of the emotions that Thor always carried with him—to Jane, to his family, to his people—and allowed him to lead with an open heart, not with anger. What really sets Love apart is her connection to Eternity, which her comic book counterpart never had. In the comics, Eternity, an almost omniscient being, can transform into any entity that exists in the universe; including humans. Given that Love had no strength before rebirth, its creation in the wells of Eternity suggests that a cosmic being recreated it and added a touch of himself to it. Although it is unlikely that Eternity has physically turned into Love herself, the fact that she possesses the cosmic abilities bestowed upon her by such a powerful entity is unprecedented in the MCU.

Explanation of the abilities of love in the MCU

Love has laser eyes, and that’s always cool. While Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t go into the details of her abilities, Love is born from Eternity, which probably means she is now one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Perhaps Love, like Eternity, can manipulate time and space, matter, reality and magic. She can also transform into anyone and anything. Given the source of her abilities, Love probably isn’t that easy to kill, and she could also be immortal. In many ways, Love is as much a child of Eternity as Gorra, because of the way it was recreated. Indeed, this makes it incredibly unique.

Since Love is still on its own and is born only from Eternity, and not from Eternity itself, it is likely that it does not possess the full breadth of the powers of a cosmic being.