Explanation of the Lightyear ending (in detail)


Warning: Major spoilers for the “Light Year Below”!

The ending of “Lightyear” shows how Buzz Lightyear learns new lessons about how to be a space ranger, and explains some connective tissues with “Toy Story”. Telling the story of space Ranger Buzz Lightyear, the movie character who inspired the creation of the action figure from Toy Story, Lightyear shows his stalwart hero, voiced by Chris Evans, on a mission with his fellow rangers on the planet Tikana Prime. Unfortunately, an unexpected attack by some local life forms forces Buzz and his team to retreat, but then things get more complicated.

The Star Command ship is damaged during the crew’s escape attempt, causing them to be stranded on Tikan Prime. As they adjust to their new home and establish a human colony on the planet, Buzz increasingly decides to find a way to bring his friends home. Along the way, Buzz meets new enemies and allies and learns important lessons about how guilt and regret can hold a person back in life.

Positive, if slightly ambiguous, reviews of Lightyear praised the film for inventive reinterpretation of the story of Buzz Lightyear and for Chris Evans’ performance of the voice of the outstanding space ranger. As is usually the case with Pixar animated films, Lightyear touches on some surprisingly strong themes, using the family movie template as a means to create a story that knows no age barriers. Here’s how the Lightyear finale plays out and what its true meaning is.

Explanation of Buzz’s Mission and Time Travel

As part of the mission to bring the Star Command crew home from Tikana Prime, Buzz begins testing a newly developed fuel for hyperspace travel created with the help of “crystal synthesis” — a reference to the toy version of Buzz’s request for fuel for his ship in the original Toy Story. Buzz makes repeated unsuccessful attempts to make a hyperspace jump, while time distortion due to traveling at the speed of light returns him to Tikana Prime four years after the start of each trip. This leaves the Star Command team on Tikana Prime for decades, and Buzz’s girlfriend Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Abuda) eventually dies of old age during her travels.

After learning that the colony intends to stay put, Buzz makes a last-ditch attempt to make a trip to hyperspace, and in the end he succeeds. However, this time he returns 22 years into the future of Tikana Prime, where the colony was captured by the forces of Emperor Zurg (James Brolin). Buzz joins forces with new Star Command Rangers Mo Morrison (Taika Waititi), Darby Steele (Dale Soules) and Hawthorne’s adult granddaughter, Izzy (Keke Palmer), to stop Zurg.

Who is Zurg and what does he want

After Buzz is captured by a Zurg with a more menacing design, the Emperor turns out to be a much older version of Buzz from another timeline. Zurg explains that after a successful hyperspace jump, he nevertheless received a reprimand from a Burnside Star Command officer (Isaiah Whitlock Jr.), which is why he returned to space and traveled far into the future, stumbling upon an even more technologically advanced ship on his way. journeys. After learning that limited time travel to the past was also possible, Zurg then traveled back to Buzz’s time in order to obtain additional fuel for another hyperspace jump to prevent a Star Command unit from landing on Tikana Prime.

Buzz opposes Zurg’s plan, as changing the past will destroy the lives of everyone who has been born since, including Izzy. After a protracted battle in which Izzy, Mo, Darby and the cybernetic assistant cat Sox (Peter Son) arrive to help, Chris Evans’ invariably determined Buzz and his allies destroy Zurg’s ship and stop his plan. Although Zurg escapes the destruction of the ship, he is apparently killed in his final battle with Buzz and is left floating in space while Buzz and his friends return to Tikana Prime.

The future of Buzz and his team

Upon returning to Tikana Prime, Buzz and his friends, despite the fact that they violated Star Command protocol, receive permission from Burnside to continue the Galactic Ranger program. Burnside offers Buzz a new team, but after they helped him defeat Zurg, Buzz says that Izzy, Mo, Darby and Sox are his space Ranger team. Having assembled his new team, Buzz gathers them for a new mission to the stars, taking off into space according to his and Hawthorne’s old catch phrase “To infinity and beyond”, this time sharing with Izzy.

Lightyear also ends with three scenes in the end credits that help set up Lightyear 2. The first two are more comedic in nature, showing Burnside sardonically joking about being pleased with the Star Command base shield, which acts like a giant insect exterminator when he roasts an insect. . The second shows the robot ERIC (Angus McLane) showing a map through the ship of Zurga, belatedly realizing that the space rangers have already left.