Explanation of the latest additions to Nintendo Switch Online


Nintendo Switch Online has been ambiguously received since its soft launch in 2017. When the Nintendo Switch first came out, its online service was free for everyone, which made serious latency issues and a fancy communication system a little more acceptable. But a year later, Nintendo announced that Switch Online would cost $20 a year. This decision did not cause too much negative reaction, as fans were warned about it in advance, and the price was significantly lower than that of the Xbox and PlayStation online services. But from the very beginning, there was one feature that made Nintendo Switch Online a mandatory subscription: a catalog of games for the NES and SNES.

Although the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack offers games for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis, those who subscribe only to the cheaper basic level of the service still get their money by having more than 60 titles for the NES and more than 50 titles for the SNES in their catalog. choose from. Although this does not quite match the range of the Wii U virtual console, Nintendo Switch Online’s retro offerings do not cause ridicule, and more and more games are added every few months, like the three that appeared just the other day. .

The history of the fighter

On July 21, three SNES/NES games were released on Nintendo Switch Online, the first of which is Fighter’s History, a 2D fighting game. Just one look at a screenshot of Fighter’s History tells the player everything he needs to know about the game, as it looks eerily similar to Street Fighter 2. In fact, after the release of Fighter’s History in 1993, Capcom sued the developer, claiming that the game directly copied assets and core elements from its iconic franchise fighting games. However, the developer of Fighter’s History, Data East, actually won the case, and the court decided that these elements were necessary to depict the fighting game genre.

From the point of view of gameplay, Fighter’s History is, in fact, just Street Fighter 2, using a similar button configuration and very similar game mechanics. Players will fight a number of opponents in one-on-one battles, eventually winning the tournament. However, Fighter’s History has one unique mechanic that sets it apart from Street Fighter.

During the match, the player will be able to identify the weak point of his opponent. This is often indicated by a colored piece of clothing, for example, a headband or a vest. If a player hits his opponent’s weak spot several times in a row, then his opponent will be stunned for a few moments, which will allow the player to land several free blows. damage and often ends the fight pretty quickly. Fighter’s History is not the most unique fighting game of its time, but tight controls and a unique system of weak points make it worth a quick download.

Kirby Avalanche

Known in Europe as Kirby’s Ghost Trap, Kirby’s Avalanche is a 1995 SNES game that also just appeared on Switch via an online service. Kirby’s Avalanche’s backstory is actually quite interesting, as the game is actually just an updated version of the Japanese title Super Puyo Puyo, a puzzle game not much different from Tetris. For the western market, Nintendo decided to replace the colorful drop characters from Super Puyo Puyo with Kirby’s fan-favorite characters and changed the original forest setting to Kirby’s Dream Land, where King Dididi challenged Kirby and his friends to the Avalanche Competition. Along the way, players will fight with the main characters of the franchise, such as Meta Knight, Krako and Vispy Woods.

Kirby’s Avalanche gameplay will be well known to those who have played the Puyo Puyo game before, and is well known to Tetris fans. In Kirby’s Avalanche gameplay, connected colored drops fall into a box. Players need to move and connect the drops together depending on their color. When players connect four balls of the same color, they disappear, and their place is taken by the balls above them, as in Tetris. At the same time, the opponent on the other side of the screen is also trying to clear his box of drops. If a player manages to make a strong enough combination, he will send a flurry of stones into his opponent’s box, which will increase the probability of his losing the match. Kirby’s Avalanche may not be the most challenging SNES game on Nintendo Switch Online, but it’s a fun and colorful game that you can immerse yourself in for a few hours.

DAIVA Story 6: The Emperor of Nirsartia

Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia is the last of three games recently added to Nintendo Switch Online, and perhaps the most unique of all. Released in 1986, the game Daiva Story 6 for the NES. Interestingly, Daiva Story 6 is actually one of seven Daiva games released simultaneously.


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