Explanation of the global e-Subaru Platform


The Subaru Solterra of 2023 is a new luxury electric car with an interesting design architecture called the e-Subaru Global Platform. Announced last year, the Solterra 2023 is an all—electric SUV offering enhanced performance, next-generation technology and more. The electric car joins the segment of electric SUVs, which includes the Tesla Model X and Volkswagen ID.4. Subaru also competes with Leaf, an electric car developed by Japanese automaker Nissan. Unsurprisingly, being the first electric Subaru, the 2023 Solterra design is based on a completely new e-Subaru design platform. A joint venture between Subaru and Toyota, it is arguably the most technologically advanced Subaru.

Prior to the introduction of Subaru’s electric design platform, Subaru’s global platform was the preferred choice for the Japanese automaker. Thanks to the platform, Subaru has made improvements in the design of its models, especially in areas such as strength and rigidity. The automaker also managed to achieve a lower center of gravity of its cars. Interestingly, the creation of most Subaru models on a universal platform has increased the flexibility and efficiency of production. In addition, Subaru can produce units for its various models without the need for individual reconfiguration.

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Subaru’s alliance with Toyota has spawned the Solterra of 2023 and a remarkable design architecture exclusive to Subaru electric vehicles. To achieve the best results, Subaru has combined its expertise in all-wheel drive technology and its successful Subaru global platform with Toyota’s expertise in electric vehicle technology. The electric car is also equipped with a symmetrical all-wheel drive system, which, according to Subaru Global Media, is the pinnacle of all-wheel drive technology. The e-Subaru architecture is designed to provide drivers with increased stability and handling on and off the road. The Solterra EV can be described as a vehicle capable of providing maximum comfort and practicality for drivers, while not emitting carbon into the environment. As a BEV, Subaru engineers placed a 71.4-liter lithium-ion battery under the floor, which allows the electric car to boast features such as a low center of gravity, high body strength and increased rigidity.

E-Subaru architecture Improvements

With the standard symmetrical configuration of the Solterra EV all-wheel drive, drivers can take advantage of the off-road capabilities that this Subaru offers. The all-wheel drive system always ensures stability and delivers optimal power to the wheels, which increases traction and improves the handling of an electric vehicle. Equipped with two electric motors located at the rear and front, the tires respond perfectly to actions such as turns and braking. In addition, the Solterra 2023 comes with a unique X-Mode mode that increases the alertness of the SUV, especially when driving off-road. The X-Mode package includes an ascent and descent assist system, which allows drivers to choose their preferred traction settings depending on the terrain.

Subaru is also investing in the appearance of an electric car with a hexagonal grille that demonstrates the status of the BEV Solterra. To confirm the identity of the car as an SUV, there are dynamic wings that protrude from the inside. The low dashboard with overhead indicators, which are part of the interior of the Subaru Solterra 2023, are innovative and enhance the design of the electric vehicle.


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