Explanation of the ending of the first season of the first murder (in detail)


Attention: SPOILERS for the first season of the first murder are ahead

The ending of the first season of “The First Murder” leaves a lot of questions to be answered, and a couple of shocking betrayals of the central and secondary characters, which ensures a satisfactory conclusion to the first chapter of the series. The mystical horror TV show from Netflix was released on the streaming platform on June 10, adding to the streaming giant’s supernatural catalog. Although it is unknown whether the 2nd season of “The First Murder” will take place, the series ended with the 1st season with some twists and questions that will need to be answered as soon as possible, especially due to the consequences that some characters had to face.

Based on the short story by W. E. Schwab, which appeared in the anthology series “Vampires Never Grow Old: Tales with a Fresh Bite”, the first season of the first murder introduces the monster-obsessed Savannah Juliette Atwood Fairmont (Sarah Catherine Hook from “Enchantment 3”) and Calliope “Cal”. Burns (Imani Lewis), respectively a vampire and a vampire hunter. Throughout the first season of Season 1, the attraction they feel for each other in the Netflix vampire drama becomes undeniable, and it eventually affects their daily lives as Juliette and Cal are willing to risk their families’ status to be together. Their relationship suffers a blow because when their families interact with each other, something terrible always happens, especially if Eleanor (Gracie Jinni), Juliet’s older sister, had a hand in it.

The ending of the first season “The First Murder” creates a potentially much more interesting season 2, especially in terms of the ethical consequences of the actions of some characters when they are in a difficult situation. Eleanor’s arrest, Oliver’s secret horde of monsters, and the potential interference of both the Guild and the Heritage Council in Savannah’s dirty business all spell disaster for the Fairmont and Burns families if the show is renewed. Here is the ending of the first season of the first murder with a detailed explanation.

Talia’s betrayal will have serious consequences for the Burns family

Throughout the first season of “The First Kill”, the Hunters Guild has full control of the Burns family, without showing the trust that the group allegedly had in all the hunters of Cal’s family. Even before Cal begins to take an interest in Juliet, they don’t tell the Burns how to deal with the Legacy vampires, allowing them to lead an attack on a mansion full of dangerous vampires who can’t be killed with conventional vampire hunting weapons. Juliet turning Theo into a vampire so he doesn’t die may not be a moral quandary for most Berns, who stop considering him as a family member and only see the monster after his transformation in the first season of the first murder, but Talia (Aubyn Wise) chooses to release him and bring him to Oliver (Dylan McNamara). for him to teach him how to be a vampire will cause friction. Not only that, Jack (Jason R. Moore from “The Punisher”) will not forgive her decision easily, but Talia’s actions may even further aggravate the Burns’ relationship with the Guild, which has no reason to trust them again after Cal and Juliet’s obvious relationship. .

Why are there so many monsters in Oliver’s house? What are his true intentions?

Oliver’s conflicted history with his family is vague at best when he is first mentioned in the first season of “The First Murder.” He often repeats that he wants revenge on the Atwood-Fairmont for the way they treated him by sending him to Prague many years ago. In the first season, he explicitly mentions that he wants revenge on Eleanor for manipulating their parents into believing that he is a thoughtless and destructive monster, while she was the least empathetic brother and sister of Fairmont. Even after he finally gets revenge on Eleanor by convincing Juliette to give him the keys to their sister’s garage, he still decides to stay in Savannah with his partner Carmen (Walnette Marie Santiago from the third season of “Fatal Patrol”). What makes even more holes in his story is the fact that he and Carmen kill and turn Ashley Stanton into a zombie, causing a panic about Savannah. Oliver and Carmen’s greeting to Theo reveals a horde of monsters safely hidden in their gardens, suggesting that, in addition to revenge on his family, Oliver may even want chaos to rule Savannah.

Season 2 of the First Murder will have to explore Cal’s morality

Cal spends the beginning of the first season of the first murder trying to understand Juliet and lure her into a trap to commit the first murder, which will strengthen her role as a hunter. She is so sure that vampires are monsters that cannot be negotiated with, which leads to Cal and Juliet’s first kiss when Juliet bites her and Cal impales her. However, after their dreams connect and they get to know each other, Cal begins not to listen to reason, even when her brother Apollo (Dominic Goodman from Young Rock) offers his views. A few days later, Cal becomes convinced that Juliette will never hurt her and that she is a monster, but not a real one.