Explanation of the ending of the first season of Resident Evil (in detail)


Spoiler Alert: This article contains major spoilers for Netflix’s Resident Evil series.

The closing moments of Resident Evil season 1 introduced just as many questions as they answered – and here’s Resident Evil’s ending explained. Resident Evil season 1 saw 2022’s Umbrella facility in New Raccoon City destroyed, and in 2036 the passengers of The University narrowly escaped Umbrella forces after summoning a giant mutant alligator to their side. However, even after a finale rife with tension and excitement, the characters of Netflix’s Resident Evil are awaited by new and more high-stakes challenges.

Until the final episode of Resident Evil, it was teased that audiences would see the New Raccoon City outbreak that wrought huge devastation on the world’s human populace by the end of season 1. Instead, most of Resident Evil’s 2022 “past” timeline was dedicated to exploring the drama of Jade and Billie Wesker’s teenage lives. While the trajectory of the sisters’ narrative ultimately did introduce catastrophe to the city, that didn’t occur until the closing moments of Resident Evil episode 8, perhaps inaccurately titled “Revelations.”

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“Revelations” ultimately showcased the 2022 moment which first created a divide between Jade and Billie, while in the 2023 future timeline, audiences were simultaneously treated to the sisters’ first reunion in years. While both time periods in Resident Evil are marked by tragedy and violence following the release of the T-Virus, small glimmers of hope remain in the mysteries present in both 2022 and 2036. Here’s Netflix’s Resident Evil season 1 ending explained in detail.

Why Did Billie Kidnap Bea?

Of all the new Resident Evil characters, Billie may be the most unique to the setting illustrated by Netflix. As Jade’s sister and Albert Wesker’s second daughter, Billie is intimately tied to both the 2022 and 2036 storylines. By 2036, she is a special mutant who must inject the blood of the Wesker family to maintain her health – and since Jade’s daughter Bea carries that same blood, Billie must use the young girl to keep herself healthy.

Beyond that, however, it’s also suggested that Bea’s blood has additional properties that have yet to be explained. When Billie notices that the monstrous alligator elects not to attack Bea, the girl’s fate as Billie’s next test subject is sealed. If Resident Evil returns for a second season, it’s inevitable that Jade will begin her journey determined to rescue her daughter, while Billie will likely begin experimenting with Bea’s unique blood.

Did Albert Wesker Really Die At Umbrella?

After the early changes made to Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker, the biggest surprise of all may be Albert’s fate after the season 1 conclusion. Jade and Billie’s father bravely sacrifices himself to keep the Umbrella forces from closing in on his daughters, creating an explosion that destroys the entire Umbrella complex. While his death seems certain at that moment, a conversation that unfolded earlier in Resident Evil season 1 reveals the truth about his fate.

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When Jade and Billie are first reunited in the 2036 timeline, Billie confesses to her sister that Albert died more recently and even asked for Jade on his deathbed. The heroic Wesker sister is so surprised by this that she goes on to mournfully share news of her father’s demise with Arj. This revelation doesn’t make Albert’s sacrifice any less significant, but it does mean that Lance Reddick’s exceptional Wesker portrayal is likely to return if the show continues a potential Resident Evil season 2 dives deeper into exactly how Wesker survived.

How Was Billie Controlling Evelyn?

When Jade arrives at the Umbrella encampment in Resident Evil episode 7, “Parasite,” she learns that Evelyn is being puppeteered by Billie Wesker. While Billie flaunts her possession of Evelyn and her control of Umbrella, this isn’t the first time in Resident Evil that Evelyn is connected to mind control. Earlier in the 2022 timeline, Evelyn pushes several times for the advancement of the T-Virus to facilitate the control of others. She even uses the Joy antidepressant in her personal life to influence the emotions of her significant other. The eventual domination of her mind by Billie is a direct continuation of these Umbrella ideologies – and displays exactly how Billie was controlling Evelyn.

What Is The Tyrant?

The ultimate Resident Evil adversary is only glimpsed through the glass of a medicinal chamber until the last moments of season 1 after Albert Wesker’s sacrifice destroys the Tyrant’s containment. While this Tyrant closely resembles the T-001 and T-002 variations from the Resident Evil video games, the identity of this character originates within the Netflix show itself.

The Tyrant seen in the Resident Evil finale is, in fact, Angel Rubio, mutated after the lethal injection of T-Virus administered to him by Albert Wesker. In the original video game series, Tyrants are universally powerful creatures that often approach invincible levels of durability. While this is a new take on the classic Resident Evil monster, it seems inevitable that Rubio will be the originator of New Raccoon City’s destruction if Netflix commission a Resident Evil season 2.

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Who Is Ada Wong?

Compared to the other established characters that could have appeared in Resident Evil, Ada Wong’s name is one worth celebrating. Ada Wong is a beloved franchise character whose relationship with Albert Wesker dates back to the 1998 Raccoon City disaster and some of the earliest Resident Evil games. She also shares a longstanding bond with another fan favorite game character, Leon S. Kennedy. Since Ada’s agenda is typically shrouded in mystery, it’s unclear what role she might play in the theoretical future of Netflix’s Resident Evil. However, the addition of the iconic spy anti-hero foreshadows how much bigger in scope a potential season 2 could be.

Netflix’s Resident Evil Is About Legacy

The Resident Evil finale emphasizes the familial theme which runs throughout the Netflix season’s eight episodes. As with the best installments of the video game series, family bonds are at the center of this nightmarish story. Through both timelines, the strength of Jade and Billie’s sisterly bond is tested, broken, and repeatedly manipulated – and it is this emotive relationship that separates Netflix’s Resident Evil from its predecessors.

When Billie loses control in 2022 and kills Jade’s boyfriend Simon, she defines herself as the manifestation of the worst parts of their father. While it isn’t outright stated in Resident Evil season 1, it’s likely that this moment creates the impassable divide that exists between each sister in the 2036 setting. Billie only resigns herself further to this self-assigned definition when she kidnaps Bea to exploit her, just as the sisters accused Albert of doing to them. Meanwhile, Jade embodies the best elements of Wesker when she dedicates herself fully to her work, despite any danger to herself, to provide a better future for her child.

Will There Be A Resident Evil Season 2?

While the second season of Resident Evil is yet to be confirmed by Netflix, the bulk of each main character’s respective journey remains significantly unexplored to date. As a result, Resident Evil season 2 looks primed to tell a story with equally weighted familial themes while crafting a stronger understanding of exactly how New Raccoon City was destroyed without managing the burden of introducing both a post-apocalyptic setting and the events which led to that apocalypse. With an outbreak beginning in the 2022 timeline and the most important endeavor of Jade’s life starting as her child is kidnapped, the second season of Resident Evil will surely bring twice the drama and twice the tension should it be renewed by Netflix.