Explanation of the ending of the career (spoilers)



Are the monsters still on the loose? Career has evolving credits depending on your play style Career collectibles subtly affect the epilogue

The Quarry is Supermassive Games’ latest foray into the world of cinematic horror games, and, as in the anthology “Live till Dawn” and “Dark Pictures”, the nature of the endings may leave some players unhappy. However, in each ending, you can see several mandatory elements that are not determined by the player’s choice, which helps to understand what really happens at the end of The Quarry.

Since there are almost 200 endings in The Quarry, it is clear that most players will get different results at the first game. However, there are certain game devices that will appear regardless of which ending the player chooses, which hints at potential ways to avoid their demise in future playthroughs.

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Are the monsters still on the loose?

At the end of The Quarry, all the surviving characters (any/all of the camp counselors and the Hackett family) are trying to fight off the monstrous force. If Laura and Caitlin are still alive, they will search for the remaining creatures and try to kill them, while the other counselors will focus on trying to stay alive.

Meanwhile, the Hackett family is determined to kill everyone else as payback for Kaylee, who was killed by Laura earlier in the game.

Whether they survive or not depends on the player, and the final series of Quick-Time events in chapter 10 branches the story in several directions. The great threat of the White Wolf can only be defeated if players manage to kill Silas and return all the werewolves back to humans.

As in “Live to See the Dawn”, The Quarry’s story is self-contained, so a direct sequel seems unlikely.

There are developing credits in the career depending on your playing style

Depending on whether the character is alive or dead, his status will be displayed in the epilogue section of the game in the montage. This section is dedicated to “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees as a typically cheesy ending song that matches the classic horror movie tropes used by The Quarry.

The delightfully bloody deaths leave a chilling effect in the epilogue as a reminder of all the player’s decisions throughout the story, regardless of whether the Hackett family or the counselors were killed.

There is one joke in The Quarry — the podcast “Bizarre Yet Bonafide”, in which creepy events are discussed, and players can listen to one of these episodes instead of the credits. In the story paths where many counselors died, the news reads: “Bodies accumulate after the massacre in the camp.” In the story paths where many of them survive, it becomes “Teenage Psychopaths blamed for the camp massacre.”

Career Collectibles Subtly Influence the Epilogue

Additional elements that can change the ending include collecting collectible evidence. Evidence can be found in certain Career chapters as proof of the presence of werewolves, and the more evidence found by the player will change the verdict of the podcaster rendered in the epilogue. Finding only one piece of evidence will leave them disinterested, whereas finding 9 or 10 pieces of evidence gives a more favorable verdict, which implies that the consultants will get away with it.

Thanks to 15 story paths with completely different interactions, The Quarry gives you the opportunity to save all the players, none of them or only the actors that the player liked. This shows the impressive foresight of the developers, who do not force the player to make a choice that affects the outcome of the story.

Supermassive Games has found an effective formula for cinematic horror style. The Quarry endings artfully encourage players to keep playing and discover new plot twists as often as they wish.

The Quarry has already been released on PC, PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X/Series S.