Explanation of the ending of the bullet train (in detail)


Warning: This post contains big spoilers for Bullet Train.

Explanation of the ending of the bullet train. Shot by David Leitch from a screenplay by Zach Olkevich, the bullet train is based on a Japanese novel by Kotaro Isaki. Although the film managed to avoid too much delay due to the pandemic, its release date was moved from April to July 2022 before Sony Pictures Releasing stopped at the August box office in theaters. The film starring Brad Pitt, Andrew Koji, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Joey King received mixed reviews from critics.

Bullet Train has an explosive ending that ties together all the disparate threads of the plot, connecting each character and the reason why they are passengers of a bullet train. As it turns out, the White Death admits that he brought them all together in the hope that the killers would kill each other. The plan was to take revenge on all the characters for the death of White Death’s wife, who was killed in a car accident by Mr. Carver (Ryan Reynolds). In the end, it turns out that Ladybag’s involvement in the chaos of the bullet train was a mistake — the White Death suggested that Ladybag was Carver, who was ill and replaced by a former killer to return the briefcase. Ladybug survives the crash of a bullet train along with Yuichi, his father and Lemon, who knocks down the prince. Meanwhile, White Death is killed, his head mostly blown off by explosives planted in a gun by his daughter, after he tried to shoot Ladyboy.

Despite the many storylines in the film, Bullet Train managed to put everything together. Even the most obscure details and storylines presented in the film are revealed by the end of the film. Nevertheless, after the finale of the film there is something to think about. Here’s a full explanation detailing the ending of the bullet train, including why Carver actually killed the White Death’s wife, and the significance of Thomas’ Steam Train.

Why Carver killed the White Death’s wife (instead of him)

The ending of Bullet Train revealed that Carver, a murderer and fellow Ladyboy, is responsible for the murder of White Death’s wife in a fatal car crash that was initially thought to be an accident. This enraged the White Death, and he went to great lengths to find out who killed his wife, and plotted to destroy everyone who was even remotely involved in it (directly or indirectly). Carver was probably supposed to kill the White Death, but circumstances eventually led the mafia boss away on that fateful day. If Lemon and Mandarin hadn’t messed up work in Bolivia, it wouldn’t have prompted White Death to clean up, so he wasn’t in the car with his wife that day. It doesn’t make sense if Carver has been stalking the White Death’s wife all this time. After all, there would be no point in killing her if it meant angering the White Death, which was already considered dangerous. Thus, Carver’s mission was probably aimed at destroying the White Death from the very beginning, and the change of plans led to her becoming a sponsor. After the death of his wife, it probably became more difficult to track down and find the mafia leader, because he knew that now he was attacked.

Did Carver know that ladybug’s mission on the bullet train was a setup?

Carver was noticeably absent throughout the bullet train, despite the fact that his actions led to a White Death revenge plot. Ladybag mentions that Carver had a “stomach problem” and could not take up the job of retrieving the briefcase, which is why Maria assigned Ladybag the task instead of him. However, it’s possible that Carver realized something was wrong and pretended to be sick so he wouldn’t have to take the job at all, which forced Ladybag to cover for him. While it’s unclear what kind of character Carver has and whether he would be ok throwing his colleague under the bus, it’s possible Carver knew that if Ladybug didn’t take his place on the bullet train, the White Death would never stop arriving. after him. This is something that is not explicitly stated and not recognized in the film, but it is possible that Carver will try to save himself if he discovers the plan.

How the Prince ruined the plans of the White Death Bullet Train

Ironically, the prince turns out to be none other than the daughter of the White Death. Like her father, she also wanted her own form of revenge, although her revenge was caused by the neglect she faced from her father, combined with a sense of underestimation and neglect. In “High-Speed Train,” White Death says that the prince was never part of his plan, and that’s why her involvement ruined him. If the Prince hadn’t been on a bullet train and pushed Yuishi’s son off the roof, the White Death might have successfully completed its mission. However, the prince broke his plan by uniting two people – Yuishi and his father, who wanted to take revenge on the White Death, which complicated the situation.


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