Explanation of the ending “Luck” (in detail)


ATTENTION: This article contains SPOILERS for good luck.

Between lucky coins and talking dragons, the ending “Luck” invites viewers to think about what it really means to be lucky. Skydance Animation and Apple TV+ have teamed up for the first time to create a 3D animated film “Luck” about the magical nature of luck and bad luck. Luck is another step for Apple TV+ to create original content for streaming, which sends viewers on an exciting journey through a magical world.

While Luck starts out as an ordinary story about Sam (Eva Noblezada) trying to find his place in the world, the story quickly changes after the character meets Bob (Simon Pegg) and his lucky coin. Bob serves as a guide for Sam and the public according to the rules of the magical world of luck and failure. Initially, Sam’s mission is quite simple — to return a lucky coin or find a new one, but, as in any good adventure, everything becomes more complicated.

As in such films as “Puzzle” and “Mosters Corporation”, “Luck” teaches a lesson to its main character and those who watch the film. Faced with an incredible force that can determine who is lucky and who is not, Sam, who considers herself a loser, believes that she has found a solution to all her problems. However, the ending of “Luck” proves to Sam that everything is not so simple and that it takes something more than a lucky coin or a magic texture to determine what life will be like. Here’s a breakdown of the ending of the movie “Luck”, including what the movie actually means, and how the story of the main characters of “Luck” reflects the idea of the movie.

Why didn’t Bob tell Sam he had another lucky coin

Throughout the 97-minute running time of “Luck,” much of the film centers around Sam and Bob’s mission to find at least one lucky coin so that it can help Hazel and Bob continue to travel in and out of the human world. That’s why the biggest twist of luck was the discovery that Bob had another lucky coin hidden in his collar all this time. Bob knew he had another coin, but he never showed it to Sam. The reason is that Bob needed to keep the lucky coin a secret at all times so that he could continue impersonating the lucky cat. It turns out that Bob never belonged to the Land of Luck (similar to Eleanor’s story in “The Good Place”) — in fact, he was a loser cat all this time. As long as Bob kept this hidden lucky coin in his collar, neither Babe (Jane Fonda) nor the Captain (Whoopi Goldberg) could have discovered that he didn’t belong here. Bob had already lived eight lifetimes in the Land of Bad Luck, and now he was ready to lie to everyone else in order to live among the creatures of Luck.

Why did Baby Dragon forge two luck crystals (was she a villain?)

Babe, the dragon CEO of Good Luck, was responsible for maintaining the functioning of the Country of Luck. She had the ability to smell any portion of bad luck, and she was ready to do everything to prevent failure on her side of the texture of luck. However, as the original Apple TV+ shows during Babe’s conversation with Sam at the beginning of the film, the dragon dreamed of a world in which there would be no bad luck at all. That’s why when Babe had the opportunity to forge new luck crystals, she made two luck crystals instead of one. The right decision for Babe was to use the crystal of Luck and Bad Luck to keep the balance in the world, but she was willing to take risks to eliminate all bad luck. It wouldn’t work because Luck is tied to the idea that luck and bad luck are equally important. Jane Fonda’s character wasn’t a villain of Fortune, but she had to be talked out of her plan. Fortunately, Sam and Bob managed to convince the dragon that she was wrong.

Why didn’t Bob return to the land of luck

In the finale of the film “Luck”, after Bob proved his worth and helped save the whole world, he was given a chance to return to the Land of Luck — this time without cheating. Even the Captain, who always indicated that she did not like Bob, invited the cat to join the Country of Luck. However, after his journey with Sam, Bob now wanted to live in the human world. The loser cat has learned to accept affection and understand what it means to have a family forever. Simon Pegg’s character also learned during “Good Luck” that best friends and family are the ones who stand out, as Sam always mentioned, and so he didn’t want to leave his new friend.

Did Sam bring the lucky coin back to the human world?

No, Sam didn’t bring a lucky coin with him into the human world. Perhaps the most important lesson Sam learned throughout the film was that there was really nothing and no one to blame for her “bad luck”, let alone herself. There were no shortcuts to doing good things, and Sam began to realize that all her actions, no matter how chaotic, were leading her to where she needed to be.


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