Explanation of the end of the Hustle movie (in detail)


Attention: SPOILERS for the ending of Hustle.

Adam Sandler’s 2022 film from Netflix tells an inspiring sports story of losers, and the ending of Hustle completes the main narrative, leaving several questions unanswered. Directed by Jeremiah Tan, Hustle is the latest collaboration between Adam Sandler and Netflix. Having shot mostly ridiculous comedies that did not receive positive reviews, Sandler used his cache with a streaming service to create a real project, which is an even more dramatic role for him after “Uncut Jewels”.

In Hustle, Sandler plays Stanley Sugerman, a Philadelphia 76ers scout who discovers an unknown talent in Beau Cruz (Juancho Hernangomes) during a business trip to Spain. Despite the fact that the new owner of the 76ers is not sure about Stanley’s assessment of Bo’s talents, Sandler’s character risks bringing him to the States to prepare for the NBA draft. During this time, Stanley and Bo form a strong bond as they both push each other to become better and fulfill their dreams of the next step. This forces Stanley to leave the 76ers and constantly train Bo before the draft, teaching him how to concentrate better, hone various skills and control his anger.

The story of Hustle follows the classic formula of sports films. The search for Bo Cruz and Stanley Sugerman is almost derailed after a bad game in the game, but Bo’s stock has risen thanks to an inventive viral challenge. Thanks to the fact that the international player has also improved his game and condition thanks to an excellent training montage, the 2022 Netlfix movie leads to another failure on the big stage of the NBA Combine. However, it turns out that this is not the last chance for Bo Cruz to impress the coaches, general managers and owners of the NBA. After one final game against recognized NBA stars, in which Bo proved that he can play with the best players in the world, the ending of the movie “Hustle” gives him and Stanley a boost in their careers.

Bo Cruz drafted by the Boston Celtics (but how?)

One of the big discoveries in the finale of the Hustle movie is that Bo Cruz was selected after his impressive final performance and moved to the Boston Celtics. This is arranged because then-Boston Celtics head coach and current head of basketball Brad Stevens attends the scrum and he likes what he sees. Bo Cruz is involved in a shootout with the rest of his teammates. The immediate conclusion is that Bo has fulfilled his dreams in the NBA and will play for Larry Bird’s old team, the Celtics. However, the way the Hustle ends leaves some questions about the logistics of choosing the Celtics. This is due to the fact that in the film Bo Cruz is positioned as one of the most promising players in the draft, and the real Celtics have not had a high first-round pick lately.

It’s pretty hard to pinpoint exactly how the Boston Celtics chose Bo Cruz. Although there are many real NBA players in Hustle, the action takes place in a fictional reality where Juancho Hernangomes and others are not real players. However, the finale of the film takes place in some version of the 2021-2022 NBA season, as the head coach of the Celtics is Ime Udoka, and Al Horford is again part of the team. This makes Bo Cruz’s selection by the Boston Celtics even more bizarre, as the real Celtics traded their 2021 first-round pick (number 16 overall) for Al Horford. It would seem that Brad Stevens and the Celtics pulled off a wild deal to get an early first-round draft pick. Since neither Jaylen Brown nor Marcus Smart are seen in the Hustle finale, it is possible that one or both of them were exchanged in this reality for a pair of Beau Cruz with Jason Tatum.

Stanley Sugerman becomes assistant coach of the Philadelphia Seventies Sixers

Just as Bo Cruz achieves his dream of playing in the NBA, Hustle’s ending also gives Stanley Sugerman a big break. His scouting days are officially over, as he is named assistant coach of the Philadelphia 76ers under Doc Rivers. This happens after Kat Merrick (Heidi Garder from SNL) takes over the organization from her brother Vince (Ben Foster), whom Stanley had previously been angry at and insulted when he left. This marks the end of Stanley’s decade-long journey to a coaching career in the NBA. Hustle’s ending doesn’t give him an official indication of what responsibilities he has as an assistant coach, but working with young players after he helped improve Bo Cruz’s game would make sense.

Explanation of the Meaning of the Bo Cruz Tree Tattoo

When Bo Cruz and Stanley Sugerman reunite at the Philadelphia Seven Sixers’ home court before the game with the Boston Celtics, Bo gets a new tattoo on his left arm, which is very important. Bo’s tattoo depicts a tree, and the phrase “Never give up” is written above it. There are three important points in this tattoo design, each of which has a special meaning for Bo and his journey. The tree represents the power it possesses and its role in supporting its family. This is a link to